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Hey there, it’s Mike Goldstein with crushing it with Kitchener modeling and with us today we’re gonna be talking to Dave Allen from I any cabinets. Hey Dave, how are you? Hey, Mike, how you doing? I’m doing fantastic. So Dave, I know you guys are out there in venice California, just just outside or inside the Los Angeles market? Um tell me a little bit about you guys, how did you get started? Who’s I unique. Uh good question. Uh irony is founded uh from the owners uh is he And Betty troma bits. And they are uh married. They started the company in 1980 And I’ve been with them since 1982, years. So a long time. And what what basically does I any do in terms of uh kitchen remodeling? What we do is we are the manufacturer, we have a beautiful 15,000 square foot factory showroom in Van Nuys. We build custom cabinets, basically anything the customer wants, wood, laminate, thermo foil, any kind of materials. We do our own installations as well as making the cabinets. And we also do custom countertops. Okay, that’s great. So you guys are pretty much, you know, soup to nuts, You get everything involved with the with the remodeling project? That sounds like that’s correct. All right. So let me let me ask something if you know, if somebody comes to you and you know, how do you they want to do uh remodeling project and they know that they’re gonna, you know, they’re going to need something in their kitchen in terms of more spacing? You know, they know they’re gonna need some kind of change to the cabinets. How do you approach that customer? Who, who comes into the showroom and they want to talk to you about? Well, I know I can get stock cabinets for a lot less. Why would I want to get these custom cabinets made? That’s a good question. First of all, most cabinets that people get from like big box stores or contractors or something like that? Are pre prefabricated cabinets there? Ma jewelers and you’re gonna get limited sizes because they only come in so many sizes. We build custom cabinets and our guarantee is we will be less money then prefabricated cabinets because again, we cut out all the middlemen, we cut out the salesperson, there’s no commission salesperson involved and there’s no subcontractors involved. We do the demo the installation, we’re the manufacturer. So what people do with us is they’re going to save themselves a lot of time. Aggravation and most of all money. And I imagine that also probably allows you to to sell it to them for less than, you know, if they had gone to Home Depot or one of the big box stores um you know where everything is gonna be outsourced? Yeah, I mean home depot and lowe’s obviously they’re legitimate companies but where a job will take us three weeks to a month to complete, it will take 3-5 months for them to complete. Because if there’s so many subcontractors that are involved and we don’t subcontract out our work. There are employees. All right, well that that definitely is a is a big piece there now. What about people who come and you know, they want to kind of update their kitchen. They want to get a little bit of a makeover? But they’re not ready to do full of modeling. How do you talk to a customer about cabinet or facing? For example, as an option to give you that makeover versus the structural change. Yeah, I mean uh we do, we’ve been doing cabinet re facing since we started since 1980, so we do both custom cabinets and re facing. So re facing is certainly going to be less money than doing a new kitchen remodel. There’s no question about it and it’s also going to be quicker. However, the rule of thumb is if the customer is replacing their countertops, then usually they go to new cabinets because you get all the new door bells and whistles. But if someone just wants a cosmetic makeover, then cabinet re facing is the way to go cheaper and quicker. Okay. And let me, I mean you’re saying cheaper isn’t always cheaper to re face the cabinets. Are there situations where it might actually be cost beneficial to to replace? Yes, because in re facing, what, what the consumer needs to know is there is much more labor, It’s much more labor intensified when you’re doing re facing or new cabinets or not. However, there’s more materials in new cabinets, so the costs different kind of offsets each other, but this is only in the case when the customer wants to like cut out for a dishwasher or move the refrigerator and they’re doing all this redesigning and re facing doesn’t make sense. And new cabinets are the way to go because now they’re replacing their countertops. Okay, well, that makes sense. I imagine also you have a lot of people who really don’t understand, you know what we’re facing is and what do you do if you know someone comes in and they say, well, listen, we want to kind of just get a fresh look, you know, can you resurface our cabinets. Um what do you say to somebody like that? Well, I tell them that then re facing is the way to go. And and uh it’s it’s the most economical way and the quickest way and we can re face in anything they want. Would they want laminate? They want thermo foil. We can do it in any style and material. Uh What I’ll do is mike is we explain the re facing our re facing process is that we’re going to take their existing doors and drawer fronts and they’re gone, they’re in the trash can. So we’re going to replace it with new hinges, self closing, uh new handles, whatever they want. And all the moldings, whether it’s crown or square are gonna be brand new. The toe kicks and moldings at the bottom where the floor goes. Those are going to be replaced. We also uh flush out the undersides of the upper cabinets, make it flush. So it looks like a new cabinet and it’s for really easy cleaning the only thing, we don’t do our the interiors of the cabinet. So in essence if if my re face cabinet was on the left and my new cabinet was on the right visually, they’re gonna look identical. The only difference is the new cabinet interior is done. The re face is not okay and and that’s that’s a good kind of explanation of somebody in terms of re facing and the custom cabinets. But how would you educate a customer who who comes in and they want to talk about? You know, they got some small issues with their cabinets, you know, but they just want to put on a new door and how do you explain to them that that really could actually cause more problems by doing something like that. Well if a customer has some modifications that need to be done such as like they’re getting a new appliance and the appliance is not going to fit that existing cabinet, That’s an easy fix. We can just modify the cabinet or they’re adding in a dishwasher and they don’t have one there. We cut the cabinet. So this all can be done in re facing any modifications that they need. Sure and you find a lot of times of the people when they come in they want to talk about re facing, you know, they’re expecting to get like a really low price and maybe even surprised that it’s it’s not really the same as just painting the cabinets Well. Yes, I mean you have three choices when you’re doing your kitchen three, you can re finish your paint, you can re face or you go to new cabinets now re finishing and painting is not the wisest thing to do because all you’re doing is covering up what you have re finishing and painting can be very time consuming, very messy and it is not cheap. So those are the three options customer has those options to choose from. It kind of sounds to me like, you know, if you’re talking about painting, you really just putting lipstick on a pig. I mean at the end of the day that’s that’s what it is. You know, you’re not putting a band aid on a wound, that’s all it is and you’re going to spend several $1000 to re finish or paint your existing cabinets and you’re not getting new hinges, you’re not gonna you can get new hardware, but it’s it’s just not gonna last. Yeah, it’ll look good probably initially. But over the course of months and years it’s gonna crack, fade separate peal. And I assume that’s actually telling you probably talk a lot about with people when you go into their homes and you take a look at their cabinets and you know, you talk about the fact that, well, you know, you can polish this up but you’re gonna we’re gonna be back here talking in 18 months again, It happens all the time. Uh you know, I’ve been doing this for 38 years and it never ceases to amaze me that I go to see a customer and they say no we’re gonna go to the painting and re finishing. I says and I say I told don’t tell me I told you so because I will and maybe a year or 23 years later I get a phone call from them saying you know, can we re face the cabinets now? I said sure. Yeah. Well I imagine you know after you guys finish a job, you know and you make these kitchens look brand new or even change everything up. You got some really happy customers and you know they want to talk about you. I mean if someone wanted to learn more about you and not just take your word for it day. But actually, you know, listen to what your clients say. Is there any place they could go to find out about that or any place they could see testimonials. Sure. I mean they can go directly to our website at e cabinets dot com. Check it out. We’ve got lots of door styles on their lots of samples of kitchens of re face and and new kitchens and they can get very educated into what they want. And if someone actually wants to come in and meet you in person where do they find you? Well they can find me here in the office at any time. Uh Monday through Friday. We’re open 8-5 by appointment. Sometimes on Saturdays or they can call me direct and I’ll be happy to make an appointment with them, Show them the showroom, show them the factory and figure out exactly what they want. All right. And then I presume on your website, uh you’ve got some sort of some sort of mechanism so that they can contact you. Absolutely. They can just click on a link that uh you know, has our phone number and it’ll come right into the office and more times than not, they’re going to get me and I’m going to answer all their questions and that take care of them. That’s fantastic. So, again, you said that’s e cabinets dot com iii cabinets dot com. Fantastic. Well, Dave, I really appreciate your time today. I mean, I think you really helped educate my list is a little bit about kind of the cabinet re facing verse replacing the whole the whole process. Um and you know, be glad to have you on the show anytime. Listen, I’m gonna I’m gonna leave your audience with this saying I’ve been using it for decades. We’re going to give you the rolls Royce of kitchen remodeling for the Chevrolet price. That’s awesome. Fantastic. And I guess I mean, at the end of the day, the take away from this all is you know, maybe why replace when you can re face and save thousands. Exactly. Uh huh. All right. Dave Well, again, it was a great avenue. I appreciate it. Um Again, this was mike Goldstein with the crushing it with kitchen remodeling podcast. And look forward to seeing you all again soon. All right. Thanks. Mike.

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