There are many reasons why contractors should use a digital marketing strategy to expand their local business, increase their perception as industry leaders, and generate quality home service leads. Contractor marketing services can help you improve your website’s search engine ranking, helping potential customers find you online when they’re looking for a General Contractor to hire in their local area. Digital marketing for contractors can also help you create and distribute engaging content that will capture the attention of potential homeowners and inspire them to contact you for a quote on their home improvement project. In addition, use of digital marketing with Google Analytics can help you track the success of your campaigns so that you can continually improve yournROI and other key metrics for the best possible results. By using the right marketing strategies, you can take your GC business to new heights and reach more potential homeowners than ever before.

How can a contractor grow a business?

General Contractors and other home service providers can grow their business by effectively promoting their services to their local audience. One of the most important aspects of contractor marketing is to position yourself as the most well known home improvement professional in your geographic area. This involves creating a mobile-friendly website that speaks to your local community and showcases your competitive advantages. It’s also essential to list your business in local directories such as Houzz, Yelp, and Ezlocal to increase local brand awareness. Paid marketing through channels like Google and Facebook ads can also help extend your reach and generate leads. Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) can improve your website’s visibility in search engine results pages and increase your chances of generating more leads and sales. By using a combination of these contractor marketing strategies, you can effectively grow your business and increase your full kitchen remodel sales.

You’ve spent years in your trade as a home improvement contractor, so there’s one thing you know, and that is the type of service your target market is craving. You can tackle any house job, from installing kitchen cabinets to remodeling master bathrooms. But how can you sell your contractor services and talents to new clients?

Any good marketing company will tell you the first objective of contractor marketing is to effectively position yourself as the #1 professional in your geographic area. It’s also more achievable than you may think, with a few simple techniques that will help generate leads.

However, the first step is to set up a mobile-friendly company website that speaks to your local community and shows your competitive advantages. You should also have web pages that show your happy customers in their home after your completed a project. Nothing helps a contractor website more than before and after photos.

contractor website

You also want to have a business listing in any local business directories to build local brand awareness. Some of these sites you may want to pay special attention to are Houzz.com, Ezlocal.com, Hotfrog.com, Yelp.com and other similar websites.

Where can I advertise as a contractor to generate local business

As a local business there are many places you can advertise beyond Google’s search engine. You may consider buying a list of new homeowners and sending out an email marketing campaign, or you may want to take advantage of social media marketing and reach out to your local target audience through Facebook and Instagram advertisements. Take advantage of paid marketing too; Google Ads and Facebook Ads are robust and can extend your organic reach and broaden your contractor marketing by quite a bit. Of course, you can also engage in a more organic and sustainable marketing effort through search engine optimization to grow your business.

How can a contractor increase sales

Being available and popping up wherever potential customers look for home service providers like a construction company or plumber is, without a doubt, one of the greatest marketing ideas to improve your digital marketing performance and sales.

search for ways to increase business

All of this begins with a few basic local SEO tactics: Make sure your Google Business Profile (formerly Google my Business) page is claimed and optimized with GMB posts, selecting the proper primary categories, and geo-tagging your photographs of happy customers. Next you want to improve the content on your website for your local service area, and optimize your location page with map embeds and other geo-relevant signals to send Google. Finally, get customer reviews on Google, Facebook and other internet platforms.

Digital marketing strategy for home improvement contractors

There’s no question that contractor marketing ideas and methods have in the past been primarily based on word of mouth. Many kitchen remodelers, plumbers, and other contractors are excellent at what they do: renovating a house, but they aren’t as skilled at designing a marketing campaign through social media posts, build brand awareness, generating leads through Google ads or performing search engine optimization work and lead nurturing through automated email marketing.

Your contracting company’s website is the gateway to your contracting business. The objective, of course, is for people to discover you when they search for your contracting company services on Google and find your listings in the search results. You’ll be more likely to expand your client base if you have a strong website with a Google Business profile linked to it.

Manage reviews for your contractor business

One of the most important factors in advertising a local business is the positive and negative reviews on Google and Houzz. If a contractor has a large number of top-notch reviews and is clearly in demand in his or her service area.

Google review of a kitchen remodeler

What contractor marketing services do I need?

The contractor who wants to improve their online presence needs to be omnipresent. What that means is that construction companies should have not only a great company website, but also take advantage of paid advertising channels like Google ads, and Facebook ads. In this way, you can build your brand awareness and business leads, everywhere your potential new customer may be looking.

Video Marketing is an essential part of any contractor marketing plan

Video marketing should be a part of any contractor’s marketing plan because it is an effective way to reach potential customers and use visuals to induce an emotional reaction that triggers a desire to have a discussion about improving some part of their home.

YouTube and Facebook are both great platforms to use video marketing in conjunction with a targeted audience. More specifically, a contractor can use video to show off their skills and talents, and to explain the process of a kitchen remodel, new deck, or some other project. A contractor can also use video to answer customer’s frequently asked questions, and to show the finished product, with the testimonial of a paying customer. With the use of PPC ads, you can even promote these videos when relevant keywords are searched on YouTube or Google and the video will appear in the search results.

Use a Contractor Marketing Services Agency

By following these contractor digital marketing tips, you should be able to quickly and easily improve your contractor website rankings as well as generate more leads without any contractor SEO services.

As a contractor, you are likely looking for more leads from local customers. With this in mind, you should strongly consider working with a digital marketing agency that concentrates on your niche. They will be more equip to help with contractor business growth as opposed to a more general online marketing agency who works with anyone on lead generation through Google searches.

For this reason, Kitchen Remodeling SEO, a full service digital marketing agency concentrates on working with home service contractors in the remodeling and home renovation space. If you would like to discuss some top-notch marketing ideas to help grow your business effectively and invest in digital marketing, whether it be through ad placement, SEO, or social media marketing, schedule a discovery call today.

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