Embedding Google Maps is one of the best tools for local business owners to increase customers. Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface) aids in expanding the business’s overall online visibility. It is a simple way to attract potential customers by allowing them to view your company’s information quickly.

Embedding Google Maps not only helps local SEO but is also straightforward and user-friendly. It directs clients to a page with just a click, showing them your business address, street view, reviews, and more. It is even easy for business owners to embed Google Maps on their business page!

Benefits of Embedding Google Maps onto Your Website

There are numerous benefits to embedding a Google Map into your website. One of the best reasons is because it allows customers to easily access all of your company’s information or directions in one spot. The Google Map feature is not only convenient, but it also makes your web page more informative.

In addition to the simplicity of an embed map, it also improves your local SEO. Once you make a Google Business Listing or a GMB Map, Google can then monitor your customers’ location and match it with your address. With this new online traffic, your business will likely see local customers schedule appointments or walk into your showroom.

Embedding Google Maps is useful even if the visitors do not click on the map. In addition, having the Google Maps link sends customers a message that your business and location are legitimate and may even increase positive reviews.

Google My Map, GMB Maps, and Local Signals

Google Maps displays any information the business owner posts on the GMB maps. The information on the GMB map includes reviews, the business’s address, street view, photos, and other relevant information.

Google My Map also lets you design your map and share it with customers. In addition, it allows you to customize locations, pins, and directions to your business.

These tools aid in exposing your small business by increasing online traffic and local signals. Local signals are essential because Google produces the three top local results when an individual searches. If your business appears as one of these top three websites shown when someone searches relevant keywords to your company, for example, “kitchen designer near me” it will receive more online attention and, therefore, clicks and customers.

Will Embedding Google Maps Affect My SEO and Ranking?

While it may not make a big difference in your SEO and ranking, by itself, it can be beneficial. When you embed Google Maps on your webpage, search engines view this as a positive attribute. Google Maps also helps your clients navigate your page easier, increasing your local SEO and ranking among customers.  In addition, if you embed a Google map on your location pages, it may keep the user on your site a few seconds longer, and time on site is a KPI Google uses in its ranking formula.

How to Add Google Maps to Your Web Page

Adding Google Maps to your web page is simpler than you might think. To start, you must create a Google Maps account and authorize the Google Maps Platform by clicking on Places, Maps, and Routes. Then you will create and name a project, allowing you to generate the API key and enable new locations.

Next, you will create your billing account. Finally, you must fill out the forms with your business information. After completing this step, the system automatically generates the Google Maps API.

Then, you will have to add the Google Maps API key to your webpage. Once you Embed Google Maps to your business’s site, the Google Maps will appear on the page, and you are good to go! In just a few short minutes, you improved your webpage.

What if My Business Has Bad Reviews?

When you link your company to Google Maps, customers will have easy access to your reviews. While this is typically a good thing, if your reviews are not the greatest, you may worry that this will turn away potential customers.

If your business reviews are less than a four, you may want to reconsider embedding Google Maps on your site.

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