Hey, Contractors! All contractors know that when it comes to running a successful home improvement business the more leads you have the better. But what if I told you there is a way for you to get exclusive home improvement leads? Would that interest you? Well then, read on. Exclusive Home Improvement Leads can be used for marketing your home remodeling business and increase your ROI by cutting out expensive marketing channels such as homeadvisor.com and other lead resellers. You’ll also find these leads are much easier to qualify than general advertising because they’re searching for specific services in their area such as cabinet refacing, it’s like having them come right to your door with their wallets open! Best of all, these exclusive home improvement leads can provide a steady stream of new customers into your company.

Exclusive Home Improvement Leads are the key to success for any remodeling business

Home Advisor and other lead sources are happy to take your money, run a bunch of Google Ad campaigns and then sell you and your exclusive home improvement leads to the highest bidder or worse yet to you and your five closest competitors. If you’re trying to grow your remodeling or renovation business and have been stuck with inferior leads or a lack of home improvement leads, then you know how important it is to not share your leads and race everyone else to the phone.

The more leads you have, the better your chances of getting a sale

The method of ‘“attracting leads” rather than chasing them is definitely a challenge.  With an exclusive list of home improvement leads, your company will be on the fast track to growth.  With this in mind, high quality home improvement leads are the key to growth. Lead resellers like Home Advisor puts advertisers in a bidding frenzy for exclusive home improvement leads – similar to how eBay works, except HF sells exclusive Home Improvement Leads instead of vintage action figures! Frequent updates and regional and national targeting maximizes your chances of getting quality exclusive home improvement leads that turn into remodeling or renovation sales.

The exclusive nature of Google Ads, Local SEO and “near me searches” and Facebook ads lend themselves to local businesses seeking exclusive leads, and when a business is not competing with others for the same lead, the chances of closing that lead are much greater! The exclusive home improvement leads you can get through digital marketing will help you make more money and establish your local remodeling company as a force to be reckoned with.

Exclusive Remodeling leads are easier to close

When you get an exclusive home improvement lead, it is easy to contact them with a quote and then schedule an appointment for a consultation. In fact, exclusive home improvement leads are much easier to close than leads you have to compete for. This is because the exclusive lead has already expressed interest in working with you.

Exclusive home improvement leads can increase your bottom line

Not only do exclusive home improvement leads help you close more deals, they also help you make more money from each client! When exclusive remodeling leads come to see what kind of work you can do for them, they tend to be a little more confident about their decision when they choose your business over someone else’s. That means that once exclusive remodeling clients fall in love with the finished product, they are usually much happier about paying for it too! You end up spending less time trying to get paid.

Where can I find Home Improvement leads

So, you’ve decided that you don’t want to share leads and race your competitors to the phone and then under-cut your prices just to get a small job. You want exclusive home improvement leads. That’s great, but where to you start?


How exclusive are exclusive leads?

When getting exclusive remodeling leads, you might be surprised to find out that they aren’t as exclusive as you think. In my experience, exclusive home improvement leads usually come from remodeling contractors who have been in business under the same name for a long time. I’ve found that exclusive remodeling clients tend to go with someone they know and trust versus just picking the cheapest person around. A lot of times people will call an exclusive contractor back for other jobs too. So not only do you get their initial lead but future ones afterwards too!

Should I talk to home improvement lead generation companies?

The best digital marketing agencies help their customers reach the right audience through lead generation. However, there are many who target specific niches that not all business owners know about. For example, Kitchen Remodeling SEO, is an agency that works with only kitchen and bath contractors. There are other agencies that work with only HVAC contractors. Often times working with one of these companies will get you a better qualified lead, because they know your market and are more familiar with the needs and wants of your customer.

Since exclusive home improvement leads work so well, it can be tempting to go out on your own and buy exclusive leads. However, you should work with an agency who can help you generate your own prospects through Google Ads, social media and Google Map searches.

There’s no need to worry though – you’re going to have plenty of options when it comes time hiring the right agency who can help you generate your own leads as long as you consider these factors first:

Do they provide exclusive home improvement leads? You also want be sure if they work with more than 1 company in any geographic area, so that if you work with them, they are not also providing a similar service to your competitors.   Is exclusive content creation or exclusive prospecting involved?

The more exclusive the service, the more value it is to you. Exclusive leads is a start but exclusive content creation and web searches may be even better for your business.    You want exclusive leads that are part of a larger pool of potential customers – search engines, blogs, social media or YouTube can all help provide this to you in a far better way than buying leads from a reseller.

A niche specific digital marketing agency is the best option to help you generate your own exclusive leads that will translate into sales with less work for you and higher margins in return. If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, we would love to talk about how we can get started generating exclusive remodeling leads for your business today! Request your free digital marketing strategy consultation today to improve the quality of your remodeling leads

Mike Goldstein
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