Facebook Ad Case Study: How a Kitchen Remodeling Company in Los Angeles Generated Over 100 Unique Leads Every Month

In this case study from May and June 2023, this one campaign on Facebook alone drove in over 60 leads for kitchen remodeling services at under $40 per lead.  

Memorial Day Facebook Ad campaign
Facebook ad case study for kitchen cabinets

IE Cabinets is a kitchen remodeling company based in Van Nuys, CA, that specializes in cabinet refacing. The company was facing challenges in generating leads and expanding its customer base for it’s cabient refacing and overall kitchen renovation services. To overcome this hurdle, IE Cabinets partnered with the digital marketing agency Kitchen Remodeling SEO to develop an effective Facebook advertising strategy and improve its local SEO ranking.

Kitchen Remodeling SEO started by optimizing IE Cabinets’ Google My Business (GMB) listing and building high-quality backlinks to the website. They also optimized the website’s content with relevant keywords and improved the user experience.

before and after local seo optimization

Additionally, Kitchen Remodeling SEO developed a Facebook advertising strategy that used split testing to determine the most effective lead generation method. The agency experimented with different creative and audience targeting, refining their approach based on the data.

Facebook ads for cabinet refacing services

IE Cabinets’ digital marketing efforts have been highly successful, generating over 100 unique leads every month for the past year. The company now controls the term “cabinet refacing” in its area, which includes much of Greater Los Angeles. Facebook advertising played a vital role in IE Cabinets’ success. By using Facebook to engage with prospects, IE Cabinets encouraged potential customers to message them directly using Facebook Messenger. This approach resulted in more personalized interactions with potential customers, helping to build trust and increase conversions.

Facebook ad featuring a financing offer for no payments over 2 years
Facebook ads for cabinet refacing to save money on custom cabinets

The partnership with Kitchen Remodeling SEO has been instrumental in IE Cabinets’ success. By combining effective local SEO strategies with targeted Facebook advertising, IE Cabinets has been able to generate a steady stream of leads and grow its customer base. The company’s website, https://iecabinets.com, is now a top-performing source of new business, and its Facebook advertising has helped to drive more personalized interactions with potential customers.

In conclusion, IE Cabinets’ success story is a perfect Facebook ad case study, demonstrating how a kitchen remodeling company was able to generate over 100 unique leads every month by implementing a successful Facebook advertising and local SEO strategy. The company’s partnership with Kitchen Remodeling SEO helped them to refine their approach and achieve impressive results.

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