Facebook ads and marketing works because it reaches a large audience, and the platform allows you to deploy kitchen remodeling ad campaigns in any way you like. You can attach your company’s profile or Facebook business page to your ads, and the system does most of the work for you. Kitchens sell houses, and finding people who need your services often requires a shareable, simple, and powerful campaign.

As you read more about Facebook advertising, you can find a target audience, learn to use these tools, and even connect to Instagram for better results.

The Challenge of Local Advertising

Some companies feel their only option for finding local customers is flyers, posters, and tacking advertisements to the menu at a local restaurant. Instead of using outdated and untested methods, you can turn to Facebook with confidence.

The platform has billions of users, and studies show that 80% of all the people online have a Facebook account. 65% of those over 65 have an account, and they are generally on the platform several times a day. The website is enticing, their friends and family use it, and people often consume your content passively.

You need not be an expert in coding or a professional marketer to create ads. You can choose between four Facebook ad types: banner, carousel, lead, and videos or slideshows. Local customers are always on the lookout because they are considering buying, remodeling, or flipping houses.

Why Branding Is Cost-Effective Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is affordable in a way that other platforms are not. A general example is that you can spend $5 to reach 10,000 people. That makes Facebook a powerful platform that requires almost no investment, and it allows you to ignore more expensive radio, TV, or print campaigns. A Facebook ad quickly works as it deploys on the site or app from the moment you set up your ad account. Choose your ad options and find your target audience.

Analytics and Measuring ROI

Traditional marketers wait days or even weeks to review tracking information, but you can check your Facebook Ads Manager on your phone, laptop, or desktop at any time. Change your ad campaign on the go, quickly adjust when promoting a sale, or replace basic ads with holiday themes.

The Business Manager shows you all activity from every page you manage, and you can click on those tabs to access the Ads Manager. You also have the option to boost campaigns, increase video views, and review the engagement for recent posts.

How Do FB Ads Work?

Advertisers must reach their audience through a campaign that looks different from other companies using this social media platform. Your Facebook offers should center around a blog post, product, or service you want to sell. The ad format changes as your campaign objective changes. Do you want the customer to buy right now? Should they call your phone number, contact you through your email address, or browse your site?

The Ads Manager allows you to write anything you want, but the campaign should always link to the page on your site where prospects should go. A unique ad has three things:

  • A fun greeting that draws in the reader
  • A quip that identifies the location of your audience
  • The deal or special you’re running

Creating Your First Campaign

The first ad should include all your contact information, including phone numbers, emails, and even links to social media feeds. Use this time to explain why your services are the best and employ image ads to show your work. Kitchen remodeling companies derive much of their traffic from visitor envy, and all your prospects will want the kitchen you feature in each ad.

Vary your advertising based on your audiences. Some clients might be house flippers, others are homeowners, and even more are homebuyers. Creating a mass of ads to cover various topics helps your company stand out because it’s clear you can help anyone who wants a kitchen remodel.

How To Use Custom Audiences and Look-Alikes

Using Facebook pages to build ad campaigns is a simple process, and it only takes a moment to get used to the controls. The Facebook ad dashboard shows you all your data and allows you to build an ad in a few steps.


The Ads Manager is a tool that allows you to use Facebook and Instagram to create your ad, and it starts with the campaign level that asks about your marketing objective and goals. Next, you choose your ad sets and audience, ad placements, and your project’s lifetime budget.


As you build a campaign, Facebook allows you to choose your potential clients’ age, gender, interests, hobbies, behaviors, shopping habits, and location. You create a custom audience, and these look-alikes are similar to your preferred clients. You move on to design your campaigns, choose your ad formats, and add text, images, videos, or links. Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Audience Network generate the ads and run them for you.


What is Retargeting?

Creating unique content helps you get started and find your audience, but businesses do not have a 100% hit rate for their campaigns. A prospect might require more prodding to return to your Facebook page or website.

The Facebook Ads Manager lets you do more than send ads to Facebook and wait for traffic on your business page or website. People might check out your brand by clicking on one of your Facebook ads, but they did not buy anything. While your campaign can build brand awareness, it is not a success until you sell to the visitor.

Leveraging Retargeting

Facebook retargeting allows you to adjust your Facebook ads to reach previous visitors. Facebook advertising uses a technology known as a “pixel” to track traffic on the brand’s website, and the pixel sends information back. This information helps send targeted Facebook ads to the news feed of a previous guest. This setup is why people see ads for websites they visit.

Retargeting for different audiences will reach people in the following categories:

  • Visitors
  • Those seeking a specific product or service
  • Those who did not go back to the site after a long period

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Yes. The consumer experience doesn’t change because they see advertising every day. Sending more Facebook ads will drive traffic and further explain the value of your services. For help with any of these items, reach out to Kitchen Remodeling SEO at (339) 645-9461 to get assistance or answers to your questions.

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