Facebook is the most widely used social media platform on the planet. There are over 3 billion people worldwide on Facebook and spend on average over 40 minutes per day reading their Facebook News Feed. It is also important to note that although there are many social media sites that homeowners use, Facebook far out paces everyone else, including YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. It’s no secret that logging onto Facebook is already part of most people’s everyday lives. With that in mind, it provides local service businesses the unique opportunity to find their own unique audience from this massive pool of possible customers and engage them with relevant content that those customers will find enticing thereby attracting new and qualified leads.

Facebook target marketing affords a business with the ability to reach those potential homeowners and real estate investors who log on to Facebook every day through laser targeting people with specific interests and behaviors as well as through demographic data such as a user’s age, where they live and work, their gender and so much more. You can benefit from this by targeting just the people who are most likely to become your customers. Moreover, you can advertise by sharing your business posts and ads, to only those who own a house within specific zip codes or cities and town, so that your ad budget is not wasted on anyone who does not fall into your target market.

With Facebook affording business-oriented features such as targeted marketing your home improvement business has more opportunities within your local market than ever before. Once you reach those people through a Facebook ad campaign, you job is to entice them to like and follow your Facebook business page, so that each time you share a new item your potential customer will be notified of the new content.

One of the biggest buzz words in marketing these days is ROI, that is return on investment. When you advertise on TV or radio, you can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars to reach millions of people of which 95% will not fall into your target audience. While with Facebook target marketing ads, you can spend a tiny fraction of that ad spend, but every person who sees your ad has been pre-qualified by where they live, what they are interested in and even if they own a home that might at least has the opportunity to redesign a bathroom or kitchen. Even when you consider other forms of pay per click advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook offers one of the most affordable platforms out there, yet it has one of the largest active audiences. Just like Google, Facebook also offers a business the ability to retarget people who have visited their website and are already familiar with the business, so they are more likely to schedule a meeting or request a proposal when they see the business ad again.

At the end of the day, as a business owner, you have lots of choices where to spend your money and how to reach your audience, but very few of those choices have the potential to reach as many pre-qualified potential leads and are as affordable as Facebook marketing.

Mike Goldstein
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