Rank on Google Maps Using The Best GMB Categories For Your Business

Are you wondering how to optimize your map listing so it pops up higher in the search results?

Many people don’t know that Google My Business has a category field, and if you put the right category for your business, it can really help with SEO!

In this video I’ll show you how to find out what GMB categories are available in your area, and then explain why they’re important.

Topics discussed on the Pocast about GMB Categories

  • Do you need a specific Google My Business category?
  • Browse the categories and identify the one that most accurately describes your business.
  • Identify your main competitors and check what GMB categories they have selected.
  • Select several sub-categories but no more than 4
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Audio Transcript

Hey there, it’s Mike Goldstein with the crushing it with kitchen and modeling podcast in this video. I’m gonna show you how you can choose the right category for your google map optimization. Now you need a lot of different things on google maps in order to rank well. But one of the things that’s really overlooked by so many people is choosing the right G M V right google my business category. A lot of people think they can just list anything under the sun in terms of every possible service they might want to offer and they’ll ring for all of them. And quite frankly, that’s just not true. It doesn’t work that way. Um but here’s the good news. I’m gonna show you how you can pick the best categories for your remodeling business so you can rank better on google maps using the right categories. And I’m gonna do that right after this. Are you looking for some fresh ideas to jumpstart your kitchen remodeling business? Welcome to the crushing it with kitchen remodeling podcast, your host, Michael Goldstein, founder of Kitchen Remodeling, etc. Oh, the digital marketing agency working exclusively with kitchen remodeling contractors and also the author of the ultimate Internet marketing Guy for Kitchen Remodeling contractors will provide insights on proven tips and strategies from top experts in this space so that you can take advantage of industry, best practices your host, Michael Goldstein join Mike as he shares his knowledge each week with an insightful interview or educational segment about how to turn your online marketing efforts into more kitchen remodeling leads and sales opportunities than ever before. All right, we’re back. And what we’re gonna talk about today again is how do you really optimize your google my business listing so that you show up on the maps when people are searching for the services that you offer and you know, one of the key things is that there are so many possible categories out there. As a matter of fact, I think recently I saw there was over 4000 different types of G. M. B. Categories. So many so that I mean even just something as simple as you know, kitchen remodeling, you might have 10 15 different choices. And if you don’t choose the right one then you’re gonna get found but you’re not gonna get found for what you want and what you do want to get found for, you won’t be anywhere on that map. And let me just give you a perfect example of this. So we have uh we have a couple of different clients throughout the country who really work specifically as custom cabinet installers. And they, you know, their job is they will design a kitchen and they their bread and butter is putting in those custom cabinets that really make a kitchen unique for the homeowner. Well now they a cabinet store. No um you know, are they a cabinetmaker? Not, technically, no. They work with local cabinetmakers. They work with major companies like Marsh and and others. But what they’ll do is they will come into the home, they’ll do the measurements just like you might, they’ll contact their, their rep and then they’ll order those custom cabinets and then they come in and they install them for you. Now can someone come to one of their showrooms and say, hey, I’m sure like that cabinet and I really like this hardware here and this knob works well. You know, can we add some soft close hinges and all that? And yeah, sure they could sell all to them at the store. But if that was the case, they would have opened up a hardware. So they would have opened up a cabinet store. They would have been, you know, a little mini home depot or many lows. That’s not what they are. And for most of my listeners, that’s not what you are either what you are is you are a kitchen remodel your home improvement contractors. You know, you’re somebody who comes into a home and you’re able to really make the difference. But, and it doesn’t, it’s not just, you know, I went to Home Depot and bought the stock cabinets, can you throw them up for me that you’re not a handy man? You are a kitchen installer designer remodeler. So how do you go about figuring out what is the right category to choose? So that, you know, for example, our clients don’t show up when somebody want puts in cabinet store. But rather if someone says, you know, show me kitchen remodeling their me, show me custom cabinet installers, Name me, that’s what they want to come up. So one of the things that we can do here is there is a, there’s a bunch of different plug ins that you can use. Um, there’s a, there’s a bunch of different websites that you certainly can go to. Um, but the thing that I have found um that really is is helpful is a plug in called. Plus I’m gonna kill this on the pronunciation. Let’s clipper and it’s P L E P E R dot com. And if you go there and you can actually download the plug in, um it’s a chrome extension, you can actually just go right to their website. And what will happen on that website is you will actually be able to put in the general type of service that you provide and the extension of the site will give you all kinds of different categories. And not only that, it will show you what categories uh, you know, maybe york direct competitors have selected. Um, and that’s so important because you want to know, you know, if if joe’s kitchen remodeling down the street, you know, is holding themselves as a remodeler. Um you want, you know that you probably also want to be a remodeler, but at the same time, you know what, you might look at something like bathroom remodeling a bathroom remodeler, general contractor, construction company. Uh, you know, the list goes on down to be a contract, you can be a cabinet maker, cabinet, store all these different things. And the beauty of clipper is that it not only does it show you all the options that you have, but it actually gives you the percentage currents of how many people, what percent of people actually use bathroom remodel. So, and I did a little bit of research before the show today. So I know for example, that 18. 81% of folks who are in the bathroom remodeling industry list themselves as a bathroom remodeler. I also know that kitchen remodeler Is going to account for the vast majority, well over 26.9%. So that’s really important. But if, you know, if you’re in a in a niche where maybe that’s not the case, maybe you’re not a remarkable, maybe you are pure designer, We have clients for, you know, for for my company, kitchen Alessio who are actually nothing more than virtual kitchen designers. They work online. They never stepped foot into someone’s kitchen and they certainly aren’t going to install them. So, you know, in that type of situation, you know, an interior designer and a kitchen designer are the right categories. So what this all means really is that you need to figure out what is the category that you want to come up for and then make sure that category exists. Now, google my business, does give you the option if you want to create your own category, I can’t emphasize this enough, don’t do it. If you select a category or you make up a category. The reason that you’re making it up is because it hasn’t been searched for before and it kind of makes me think about how many you guys, you know you eat frozen dinner sometimes. You know and I look at the box, I take it out and I read it and or I read the instructions and the instructions say you know take take container out of cardboard. Why in the hell is it saying that? I’ll tell you why it’s saying that because they have to because somebody has physically gotten hurt probably microwaving the whole box. Right? Well it’s the same thing with G. M. B. The reason there are categories is because people are already looking for them. So if you need to create your own category that’s so unique. And so specific. The odds are nobody else is looking for that category. So go with the categories that google has established, let somebody else be the guinea pig, let somebody else you know go and test for six months and try and try and rank for something. You know crazy. Uh Don’t be that person. But with that said like it is so important to fill out your google my business profile. It’s so important to select every option. But the one place that people really falter that I find is in that it’s in that category selection. So if you found this helpful and you’d like to get a little bit more information, you can always check out our website at kitchen remodeling, S C O dot com. You can check out the podcast and all the episodes there or, you know, wherever you’re on, if you’re on stitcher, if you’re on amazon music, google podcasts, whatnot were found all over the place. Um you know, and if you just want to pick up the phone and give us a call at 3396459461, I’d love to talk to you, I love talking to people in the industry and just finding out, you know, what’s working right now for you what isn’t, you know, and you know, see if maybe there’s a there’s an opportunity and we can make a recommendation for you or not. You know, maybe we can learn something from you. Right, well anyways again, my name is Mike Goldstein, this is the crushing it with kitchen modeling podcast. Thanks for joining us and I look forward to seeing you soon

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