As a small business owner, you find yourself in the middle of an advertising dilemma. You want to know which ad platform will work best for your company but don’t have enough money to invest on both Google and Facebook Ads. Fortunately, this article breaks down three important areas that can help you decide what is right for your home improvement needs: cost per click (CPC), reach/targeting capabilities, and graphical features like video ads versus static images or carousel ads with text-based content.

The choice is ultimately yours when choosing between different advertising strategies like Google Ads vs Facebook ads because both have pros and cons depending on where you want to focus as well as who specifically you want targeted by those campaigns: For example if branding is important to an organization then they may choose one platform while another business might prefer a specific type of audience that only exists within the confines of that particular site’s demographic makeup; no two businesses are alike which can make this decision more

Why Should Home Improvement Contractors Advertise Online?

The home improvement industry is a competitive field. Whether your business specializes in kitchen remodeling, bathroom redesigns, or custom home improvement projects, it’s essential to find the right marketing strategy to build brand awareness. If you want more potential customers and loyal clients, you need to turn to Google and Facebook ads to target the right people and attract more attention.

Which is a better marketing choice for home improvement contractors Google vs. Facebook

With the growth of digital marketing, you can’t afford to ignore this way of reaching customers. Here’s why:

  • Your potential customers are online
  • You can personalize your audience’s experience
  • You can drive quality traffic to your business website
  • You will increase your business’s visibility
  • You can create ads campaigns faster and have more targeting options

Online advertising is a valuable solution for your home improvement business to grow and succeed. You will get valuable leads that turn into loyal customers.

Google ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Type of Paid Ad is Best for a Home Improvement Business?

Running Google Adwords campaigns or Facebook paid search ads can be expensive. It’s especially difficult for small companies to compete against larger businesses with a bigger ad spending budget.

Before deciding which type of ad is best for your home improvement business, you have to consider a few factors – are you targeting the right people? And what’s the most effective way to run your ads?

You have to decide which type of ad is best for your home improvement business. The first thing you should consider are the people, and what’s the most effective way to run a campaign?

Google has different formats but PPC ads can help you get top placement on search results with just one click!

Facebook is another option for home improvement businesses to advertise. It’s one of the most popular social networks, with more than two billion active users per month.

If you can’t decide between Google ads vs. Facebook Ads and which option to use to boost your home improvement business, keep reading to discover the benefits each platform offers.

Let’s Compare Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

The main difference between Google and Facebook paid advertising is how services and products are presented to the audience. Google shows relevant ads to people who are specifically searching for a product or service, while Facebook shows ads to people based on their interests. Google focuses on lead conversion and Facebook on brand outreach.

What are the benefits of Google Ads?

  • Reach an audience with high intent
  • Target a specific city or area (geographical location)
  • Target various audiences with different keywords

What are the benefits of Facebook Ads?

  • Reach your target clientele at a low cost
  • Target a specific audience with specific interests
  • Advertise to website visitors to create more leads

The goal of advertising on Facebook and Google is to attract more customers and keep them. However, not every ad should focus on sales. Each campaign should play a unique role in achieving your business goals.

Facebook and Google can work together and help home improvement business owners gain powerful results.

Audience Targeting: Google ads vs Facebook Ads

In terms of audience targeting, both platforms provide excellent options. However, if you want to expose your messages to a more specific audience, you can depend on Facebook’s potential granularity to target Facebook’s users.

One of the most powerful applications is the option to create lookalike audiences. You can upload customer information from Facebook’s database and create a lookalike audience of users to double the reach of your ads by targeting people with the same consumer behavior and interests as your existing customers.

How are conversions measured using a PPC strategy?

The first step to tracking conversions is deciding what you want to measure. If you wish to track button clicks or website actions for your Google Ads, you can set up tracking for your website. If you want to track phone calls or store visits, you need to track offline conversions with Google Ads Conversion Import.

For Facebook Ads, you can use your Ads Manager account to measure results.

Running a home improvement business is a time-consuming and overwhelming job. If you can’t decide between Google ads vs Facebook Ads or don’t know how to advertise your business properly, consider partnering with Kitchen Remodeling SEO.

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