If you own a kitchen remodeling company, it’s in your best interest to set up a Google Business Profile. Google profiles are an excellent way to boost your kitchen remodel marketing campaign by optimizing your search results ranking so you can draw in more business.

The following article will address how kitchen design and remodeling businesses can leverage their Google Business Profile to increase brand awareness and expand your kitchen and bath business . This article will talk about the basic structure of your business profile as well as tips to maximize your SEO rankings and website traffic.

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What Are Google Business Profiles?

The Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is a marketing tool from Google that allows businesses to modify and control their search engine results. The Google Business Profile organizes your business’s information into a simplified, easy-to-read format when consumers search for your company online.

The good thing about business profiles is that they condense all pertinent information into a single block that appears at the top of search results. Your profile can include your business name, address, phone number, business description, customer reviews, business owners, and links to Google Maps for directions. The point of business profiles is to boost your SEO presence and make it easier for local customers to find your products and services.

The best part of Google Business Profiles is that it is 100% free to make one. You can think of Google profiles as the internet version of a phone book or Yellow Pages. If a potential customer searches for keywords related to your remodeling or design business, they will get business profiles on their results page, including yours if optimized properly.

Why GBP Listings Are Important for Kitchen Remodelers

Google profiles are practically a must-have for any local business because more GBP listings means more customer connections. Below are just a handful of the benefits that business profiles bring for a kitchen remodel marketing campaign.


The main benefit of a business profile is to optimize your Google search rankings. The first page of results for any search gets anywhere between 70%-90% of all clicks. So, the higher your profile listing is, the better chance customers will find you.

Moreover, over 95% of consumers use search engines to learn about local companies. So, you will want your profile listing to sit as high as possible.

Customer Engagement

Another benefit of a quality business profile is it gives customers a fast way to get relevant information. For example, if a customer needs to contact an expert, they can quickly look at your listing and immediately call to schedule a design consultation. Profile reviews also provide a communication channel between your business and customers.

Professional Appearance

Online appearance has a significant effect on customer attitudes. A completed and verified profile will make your company appear more professional and put together for potential customers and other businesses. Think about it from your perspective—wouldn’t you be more likely to choose a business that takes its digital presence seriously?

How to Set Up a Google Business Profile

Fortunately, creating a Google Business Profile is straightforward. . Here is a quick step-by-step guide.

1. Search for Your Brand

The first thing you should do is search for your brand or business name on a Google search. Searching your company name lets you see if Google automatically made a profile or if you need to create one.

2. Claim or Create Your Profile

If Google has automatically created a profile, you’ll need to claim it. Scroll down the page, click on the “Own this Business?” link, and log in using your business’s Gmail account. Once you do that, you can claim the listing as your own.

If you don’t get any GBP listings, you’ll need to make a page. Go to Google.com/business and follow the instructions to create a business profile and link it to your email account. Add relevant details, such as your address, service areas, and business hours. You can also display any customer reviews at the bottom of your listing.

3. Verify Profile

Once you fill out your profile, you’ll need to verify your account. Request a verification code via email or another verification method and input the code.

Make sure that you don’t edit your profile while waiting for a response, or you will have to re-verify your account. Verification typically takes between one and two weeks.

4. Double Check Your Listing

Once your profile receives verification, research your brand name to see your new verified Google Business Profile. Ensure that the address in the profile is the same across all your branded materials so your location will show up on the Google Map local 3 pack.

Tips to Optimize Your Business Profile Results

As a kitchen remodeling company, you will want most of your website traffic to come from local business searches. Below are a few tips on how to optimize your profile listing.

  • Upload photos and videos of your projects to your account. That way, potential customers can see the quality of work you offer. If a homeowner wants a kitchen remodeling contractor, they will want to see your past projects. You may even want to include some before and after photos, so they can truly appreciate the quality of your craftmanship.
  • Make sure that SEO for your business profile also matches that on your website. Search algorithms also take website SEO into account when returning business listing results.
  • Make sure to respond to customer reviews frequently. If someone makes a complaint, be sure to address their concern. Responding to customer reviews can boost your search rankings.

Considering that nearly 92% of all website traffic goes through Google’s search algorithm, keeping your business profile optimized and updated is in your best interest.

Customer Intent – Are They Ready to Talk About Remodeling?

Kitchen remodelers need to utilize internet marketing to expand their reach and clientele. Building your professional network through things like Google Business Profiles and Google Local Service Ads ultimately attracts higher-quality prospects.

If you think it’s time to get serious about your kitchen remodel marketing, visit a local NKBA chapter or contact Kitchen Remodeling SEO online if you have any questions!



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