The Hidden Secrete About Google’s Call Only Ads

Learn how a kitchen remodeler in Florida increased conversions from leads to sales by targeting mobile phone calls with Google call only ads as their primary PPC strategy.

Topics discussed on the Pocast about Google ads and call extensions

  1. Google has a new type of ad called “Call only ads”
  2. These ads are targeted to those who have been searching for your business on the web using their cell phone.
  3. The ads are great because they don’t show up as an ad in search results unless the searcher has the ability to call when they see it- not just click and leave
  4. You’ll need a phone number with a local area code to make these work, which is why they’re perfect for small businesses!
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Hey guys, are you missing out on the biggest opportunity in google ads history for kitchen model and home improvement contractors? I’m gonna tell you all about it just after this. Are you looking for some fresh ideas to jump start your kitchen remodeling business? Welcome to the crushing it with Kitchen remodeling podcast, your host Michael Goldstein, founder of Kitchen Remodeling SEO The digital marketing agency working exclusively with kitchen remodeling contractors and also the author of the ultimate internet marketing guy for kitchen remodeling contractors will provide insights on proven tips and strategies from top experts in this space so that you can take advantage of industry best practices. Your host Michael Goldstein join mike as he shares his knowledge each week with an insightful interview or educational segment about how to turn your online marketing efforts into more kitchen remodeling leads and sales opportunities than ever before. Hey catch contractors. This is mike and I’ve been doing online marketing for home improvement companies for years. But I gotta tell you recently, Google announced the biggest change in their paid advertising program ever. And that’s really never happened before. It’s called Call only ads and it’s really just changed everything for the better. Um, in this video, I’m gonna show you what these changes are and how are they going to impact your business uh, and how you can take advantage of them to really optimize your conversions And in fact we have some of our clients who are doubling if not tripling their conversion rate with this with this new technique called call only ads. So basically who will just launch these call only ads and you know, they’re already generating big results, like I said in the kitchen bathroom modeling companies across the country. Um, so google’s call only ads basically they’re they’re only seen by searches who are using mobile phones on google. And what happens essentially is that when someone goes to google and they search for something and they get a, you know, they’re going to get a result and on the very top are you google ads then under that you’re gonna have, if it’s a local search, the local three pack the map and under that, the organic. But those google ads right onto the first thing that you see and the cool thing about these ads are that they only appear for people who are on a mobile phone. So if you’re on an iphone, if you’re on an android and you’re searching on google, it gives you the opportunity to shortcut the whole process to not worry about going to a landing page. If you want to talk to someone, you can talk to him right now. And in fact, the way that the texas is set up is the text. Actually you can set that up to really talk to people specifically about that phone call and what you’re gonna do is you’re really going to get to people who quite frankly are ready to make that purchase, they’re, you know, they’re not someone who’s just thinking for the first time, jeez I should like to see a download or I like to download a kitchen planning guide. You know, they’re not wondering about, you know, what, what colors or you know, or uh you know, what type of material might they want to consider. They’re ready to, to get moving and they’re ready to actually talk to somebody, you know, they’re not looking to do online research. They’re look, they’re looking to talk to you to a kitchen designer through kitchen models to figure out what they can do when they can get started, how much it’s gonna cost. You know, and that’s just huge in the, in the paper click industry because really it’s powerful in that you are able to target people and you’re going to convert on people who want to speak to you today. They don’t want to fill out a form, they don’t want to wait for someone to get back to them. Um they don’t want to be put on a list. Um so really what happens with this is that the google ad copy simplifies these connections with these google call only features and encourages users to essentially call you right away. Um you know, call only ads have the business phone number, the business name very, very short copy prominently because about 40% of mobile searches are gonna, you know, they’re likely to close a sale using, you know the mobile device that they’re on right then and there, they’re not, they’re not looking for back and forth email campaign, they’re looking for that human interaction and particularly in today’s age of the of this pandemic and post pandemic, hopefully soon enough will be in, you know, people are, you know, they still are not ready all the time to go into a showroom. They’re not, they’re certainly not ready to have someone come into their home. Many of them are, many of them aren’t. But the bottom line is excuse me. But the bottom line is that, you know, people, they do want to have that instant communication and they, you know, and whether it’s going to be a one on one on zoom or on uh you know, one on one on Skype, do we still use Skype or Facetime or you know, whether it’s just a phone or whether it’s a phone call um then these google call only ads are great. Not only are they really good for phone calls, but they actually you can actually tag them so that they work with facetime directly so you can have that video call right then and there now of course the downside to this is you have to be ready to take that call. But if you are, if you have somebody in your showroom, if if you have an answering service, even just someone who can answer a live person and then can pass it over to you right away, you’re able to really tap in into the, you know, into the desire of the, of the search are right then and there, so that’s really big. Um you know, some, let’s just talk about some of the features that this does because these are really the key reasons that that these call only ads work. Um and only do they work really well by the way. But one of things that I found in my, you know, my business is that the cost, the cost per impression and the costs per click is significantly less with these call only ads than with the more general add that sending someone to a to a lead form or to a landing page. Um and the reason for that is because it’s a specifically targeted audience of people on specific devices. Um but really, I mean google call only ads, they help consumers who prefer to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly person instead of combing through a bunch of content. These are not people who want to read your website quite frankly, these are not people who want to go to a landing page. You know, it saves time, you know, they can find out what they need to know without hunting for answers online, without going to Now, all the, you know, the home and gardens and going to home depot and then go, you know, and then talking to you and 15 of your competitors, they just want to get right to the source that they want to talk to somebody right then and there, um, and it helps them really feel empowered by their buying decision because really, instead of ads put pressure for quick sales or services that they don’t need. You know, you know, they’re not they’re not being put through this this long funnel. Rather they’re being, they’re able to talk to, you know, a person right, you know, right up front. And that’s something that really speaks volumes into the consumers, which is why we’re seeing such great conversions on these. Um, you know, it basically it provides immediate value just because, you know, there’s this many users really the click on call only ads there, like I said, they’re ready to let the business sell to them. Um, you know, they’re not in the research phase. And what statistic that I actually read recently, let me just look this up here. Right? So about 60% of users, they prefer to call a service provider and have a real conversation about the sale. Think about that, 60%. So more than half of the people who are going to get somebody in their home do not want to fill out a form, they want to talk to you. Um, so call only google ads they provide, you know, they provide that opportunity beyond that, they provide some really valuable data, um, which is we not, we are able to tell, you know, where somebody’s calling from were able to tell, um you know, which add they called from right away. So we know, you know if we have, we’re a b testing, you know, two different offers, we know which offer they’re calling on as soon as we, you know, we answer the phone. Um we’re certainly able obviously attract the phone number so we now can put them through a lead nurture sequence and even a text based sequence or or a facebook messenger sequence. Uh you know, if we can’t make the seller there are at least if we can’t schedule them for a design consultation, which is typically, you know, that’s the goal here um you know, but the data that we’re able to collect it really contributes to personalized marketing strategies. Um you know, and we’re able to reach our target audience just more effectively, you know, and not only that, but it helps us put together our target avatar, you know, who is our perfect candidate. Um you know, it’s just it’s just so critical that you’re able to convert at a higher rate because google labs are expensive enough. I mean, let’s face it, I mean you could be spending, you know upwards of 45 $50 a lead and sure maybe, you know, if we’re doing full blown kitchen remodeling and we’re spending, you know, somewhere in the ballpark of urges were generate somewhere in the ballpark of $3200. 50 dollars a lead isn’t so bad, but you know there are those of you who are in the cabinet were facing industry, there are those of you who are more general handyman. Um and you know that is a big number and beyond that, you know if you’re gonna put if you’re gonna put out you know $50 you can put $100 depending on the marketer and if you’re in new york city, if you’re in Los Angeles in Chicago in Miami, I mean your your ad cross adjust so much higher than you know if you’re if you’re in a small town um this is a way to really get the cost down and to get to people who are ready to talk to you because the biggest complaint that we have a kitchen modeling S. C. O. Is always from our clients, you’re getting tons of people to our site. Your you know, we’re getting tons of people to go through the landing page and to click on the ads but they’re just not converting, they’re not, you know, they’re not signing up for that consultation and why aren’t they? Because the only thing that’s pushing them into it is maybe a video on your landing page, the form that’s sitting there and they don’t know what they’re going to get for that. So unless you’ve got that lead magnet that they really want, You know if you got that planning guide, but I mean what if they’re you know they’re not in the research stage, The planning guy doesn’t do a lot. Um you know, a lot of people, frankly, they don’t want to watch case studies and and watch your testimonials of all the happy customers and walking through their new kitchens. Don’t get me wrong, I would say more people want to see that then don’t, but there are so many that don’t that, you know, the best way to get them into that consultation is to talk to him right right at the get go. I mean you guys are professional sales people, you are professional kitchen remodel as you know the craft, You’ve spent years honing your craft and when you’re able to speak to someone, it’s a whole lot easier to convey that to them. More importantly than that even is the fact that you don’t want them going to five or six other websites the minute they actually talk to a human being, that’s the person they’re gonna schedule the consultation with. So that’s why it’s so important. Um you know, and there’s a lot of other opportunities within google ads is a lot of other, you know, we can talk about retargeting, we can talk about demographics, we can talk about uh you know, add extensions and call extensions and local extensions and all of this stuff, but at the end of the day, I mean what we’re really trying to do is we’re trying to get the most qualified candidate to see the ad to take an action and then we want to convert them from a prospect to a sale and that’s what I call a has a really helping do. So, if you found this useful or you’d like just to get a little bit more information about google call adds. Um then really get caught any time at 3396459461. Check us out online at Kitchen remodeling S C O dot com. You know, I love to talk to people, I love just to find out what’s happening in the industry. I mean, all we do is market in the kitchen and bathroom modeling industry. So we’re, you know, we’re in this day in day out, you know, we’re at all the National Kitchen Bath Association conventions and whatnot. But I mean, there’s nothing better to me than talking to people in the trenches and finding out what’s working for you what isn’t, you know, maybe we can help you find an opportunity that there might be. So Anyways again, my name is Mike Goldstein, I am with Kitchen modeling S Ceo, and this has been the crushing it with Kitchen remodeling podcast. See you soon

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