The kitchen and bath product e-commerce landscape is more competitive than ever, with thousands of companies vying for their share of online sales. Your customers receive hundreds of marketing messages every day in their social channels, email inboxes, and online search results. With so much competition, how can you make your kitchen and bath products stand out and convert your marketing efforts into online sales?

Optimizing your email marketing, social media advertising, Google shopping ads, and more helps you capture more customer attention and a larger market share. Implementing a few key strategies can increase customer interest and excitement, which ultimately translates into more online sales of your products.

Best Practices for Marketing Kitchen and Bath Products Online

Regardless of the channels you use to market home products on the internet, be it Shopify or WooCommerce, certain best practices are the foundation of any successful campaign.

Powerful Imagery

Quality photography and attention-getting images are critical to any online marketing effort. You need images that get people to stop scrolling, and that means avoiding stock photography or poor-quality images that look like every other advertisement. Invest in custom photography that shows your products in real-life situations and captures what makes them unique.

Other ways to use imagery to get results include:

  • Use simple and uncluttered images. Avoid distracting elements that take attention off the product, and incorporate plenty of white space.
  • Include faces. Show people in natural situations using your products. Humans naturally gravitate toward other human faces, so include people in your marketing images.

Create Urgency

However you choose to market, creating urgency with terms like “Act now” or “Limited time offer” encourages an immediate online transaction. No one likes to miss out, so language that implies that your offer won’t last can spur a sale.

Tell Your Brand Story

Before investing in a single advertisement or marketing campaign, your store needs a brand identity. How do you want customers to perceive you and your products? A well-established brand identity can help build trust and support stronger customer engagement and relationships, ultimately turning visitors into customers.

Incorporating your brand story into your marketing messages can help you reach your ideal customers more effectively. You might do this by sharing the history of your company, why you started the business, or personal stories from your team of customers — rather than simply asking for the sale. A story, especially on social media, can improve customers’ receptiveness to your brand and increase customer loyalty.

A strong, well-defined brand identity can help increase online sales of your kitchen and bath products even when you use tools like Google shopping. Use your unique selling proposition — what makes you stand out from other merchants — to guide your ad copy. In other words, don’t just say you have the best products but tell customers why they are the best.


However you market and sell kitchen and bath products online, tracking the results of your campaigns is critical to refining and perfecting them. For example, using Facebook’s Meta Pixel allows you to track ad performance and see who responds to ads. Google shopping lets you test different versions of your ads to determine which results in the most online transactions.

Tracking your efforts help you identify the strategies that are working the best — and which aren’t working — so you can leverage your resources most efficiently.

Maximize Your Online Sales Using Facebook

Facebook is more than a place for sharing memes and vacation photos. It’s a powerful marketing and shopping engine, with advertising campaigns typically resulting in an ROI greater than 150%. Use the site’s advertising tools to convert even more visitors into customers and increase sales.

Some of the most effective tools include:

  • Carousel ads: Facebook Carousel ads allow you to highlight multiple products in a single ad. This increases the likelihood that one of your products will catch a customer’s eye while increasing engagement.
  • Dynamic ads: Facebook uses Metal Pixel data and product information you upload to re-target customers who click on ads and abandon carts. Up to 78% of shoppers abandon carts without making a purchase, but dynamic ads can bring back more than a quarter of them.
  • Custom and lookalike audiences: Facebook allows you to target your ads to ideal customers with custom and lookalike audiences. Match your existing customer records to Facebook users to target ads to loyal customers or choose audiences based on engagement or behavior.

Get the Most from Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping allows you to target advertisements to customers based on their searches. Well-optimized Google shopping ads can put your products in front of customers exactly when they are looking for kitchen and bath products. Google shopping can also improve overall SEO for your brand by driving more traffic to your website.

Once you’ve updated your products to the Google Merchant Center, optimizing the data for the appropriate keywords is critical to achieving the best results. Include keywords in the product title and description. Try to think like both your customer and the Google algorithm when selecting the keywords to optimize for. Because Google presents results based on search intent, choose keywords that help the algorithm better understand your products so it can present them to the right people at the right time.

Using Promotions to Sell Online

Wherever you choose to market kitchen and bath products online, promotions can help drive traffic and increase conversions. Discount codes, contests, and giveaways can all increase traffic, and online sales can capture attention and help establish your brand identity. It can also boost your marketing in other ways; for example, many businesses offer contest entries in exchange for customer reviews.

Do You Need Help Marketing Your Kitchen and Bath Products?

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