Generating kitchen cabinet leads for your remodeling business is the key to a healthy and successful venture. Whether through mail advertising campaigns, kitchen cabinet promotions, or online avenues, there are many methods to increase sales for your kitchen remodeling business in this technological age.

Given that new kitchens are not a regular purchase for most homeowners, these businesses must continue to diversify their tactics for generating new opportunities. Whether your business is a brick-and-mortar store, showroom space, or strictly an online ordering service, all of these businesses need education in digital marketing to increase their leads in this internet era. Here are five methods to generate more kitchen cabinet leads.

How to Promote a Kitchen Cabinet Business

There are numerous methods to promote your kitchen cabinet business, including digital marketing strategies and more traditional tactics. Specific traditional methods that companies have used for many years are tested marketing strategies that pay dividends for those who employ them. These include the following:

     Provide Customers with an Elite Experience

Going above and beyond when installing or repairing kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to promote your kitchen remodeling business. Word of mouth from customers is still an excellent method to establish a good reputation in your community.

     Have a User-Friendly Website

Building an easy-to-find and navigate website for your kitchen cabinet business is an excellent way to stay in touch with your customer base and create new leads. In addition, this internet age has seen an almost exclusive transition to internet-based advertising, so creating a presence for your business online is crucial to staying competitive in your market.

     Expand Your Services Beyond Kitchen Cabinets

Branching out beyond simple kitchen cabinet installation and repair is an excellent method to increase your customer base and generate more leads. In addition, including other kitchen remodeling services makes your business more accessible to a larger customer population looking to improve and remodel their aging kitchen styles.


Ranking in Google Maps

kitchen cabinet company ranking in Google Maps

With Google’s power as a search engine, establishing your kitchen cabinet business in terms of google map ranking is vital to ensuring a positive growth trend that generates new kitchen cabinet leads. Doing so not only guides customers to your business web page that highlights your services and craftsmanship, but it also directs google users to your business instead of to your competitors. Here is a list of strategies to increase your Google map ranking:

  • Create and claim a Google map listing for your business
  • Complete the business dashboard
  • Keep your contact info up-to-date
  • Describe your business accurately
  • Add photos to the listing regularly
  • Add Google reviews
  • Have a user-friendly web page
  • Utilize local SEO analytics
  • Embed a Google map on your web page

Using Google Call Only Ads To Inrease The Quality Of Kitchen Cabinet Leads

With the power of smartphones, customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to connect with local businesses. Potential or returning customers have a quick click option to reach and connect to your business through a digital marketing tool known as Google Call Only Ads. These ads differ from traditional digital marketing as they do not connect directly to the business URL but instead provide a link to call the business directly from the search result.  This type of ad also specifically targets a mobile audience.

While Google Call Only Ads have business information such as business name, phone number, URL, and business description, the URL is not a link. The link instead directly contacts the business via the phone number. This gives businesses the ability to tell customers about their kitchen cabinet promotions directly.

Leveraging Facebook Audiences

Despite the influx of multiple social media platforms, Facebook has remained a juggernaut in the industry. As younger generations migrate to the newest social media trend, the average age of Facebook users increases. This is good news for kitchen remodeling companies, as using Facebook as an advertising platform will help reach adults looking to upgrade their kitchen cabinets.

Facebook offers businesses the ability to create Facebook Ads that quickly promote their services that reach a large audience. Whether through organic or paid promotions, no other platform has the ability to connect to more people faster than Facebook Ads. Using these as a kitchen cabinet promotion is an excellent method to increase customer leads.

Be Aware of Competitor’s Promotions

For any business, it is crucial to be aware of your competitor’s tactics and promotions. This allows for your own business to stay on par with changing strategies and demographics in your area for your kitchen remodeling business. Whether they are promoting their local store showroom, stocked cabinet inventory, or kitchen cabinet installation, staying informed on their services enables your company to remain one step ahead and continue to generate new kitchen cabinet leads.

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