Digital marketing is critical to generating kitchen remodel leads for any size construction, home improvement, or remodeling company. Homeowners use the internet to find ideas and inspiration for their projects—and the experts who can bring that vision to life. A well-thought-out digital marketing strategy can help you reach potential customers organically and create an ongoing stream of home remodeling leads.

Continue reading to learn more about lead generation strategies and how to implement them today to grow your kitchen remodeling company.

Why Kitchen and Bath Marketing is Essential

For many families, the kitchen is the center of their home. The COVID-19 pandemic only solidified the importance of the kitchen, as spending more time at home inspired homeowners to rethink how they use the space and how to improve it. As more people consider kitchen renovations, the time is right for residential construction business owners to evaluate their online marketing efforts to ensure they can reach these customers.

Although many home improvement companies receive new leads via word of mouth or referrals, relying on them as your only marketing source likely means you’re leaving money on the table. Growing your business requires getting in front of potential clients, interior designers and architects, retailers, manufacturers, and general contractors to let them know what you offer and how you can solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

Even if you have a steady flow of clients now, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy will help you generate more kitchen remodel leads and attract more customers and increase revenue. This doesn’t mean you need to invest thousands of dollars for prospects, either. Implementing some proven strategies for social media, local SEO (search engine optimization), and advertising are affordable methods of producing high-quality leads that turn into customers.

How to Get Kitchen Remodel Leads Online

The fact that most customers shop online before they visit a store or showroom means digital marketing is more important than ever. The best way to capture customer attention is through a combination of methods, including search engines, your website, social media, and advertising. Here, we explain these methods in greater detail.

1. Optimize Your Website

A well-designed, high-quality website can help your business land one of the top spots on Google search engine results pages. However, it takes time for your page to rank, and you need to put the work into optimizing the site so it checks all the boxes. A hyper-local page that prioritizes unique and relevant content, social proof, geo-targeted keywords, interactive location maps, and up-to-date contact information is critical to successful local search marketing.

The most successful kitchen and bath marketing websites do more than incorporate industry keywords and contact details. Google typically rewards sites that full additional requirements, including:

  • Easy, intuitive navigation.
  • Optimized for mobile. 
  • Attractive images that showcase your products, services, and projects.
  • Relevant content that highlights your unique value propositions and benefits of choosing your company. 
  • Useful content that anticipates customer needs.
  • User-friendly design that prioritizes accessibility.

The better the user experience on your website, the higher it will rank with search engines and the more likely it is to generate leads. 

2. Optimize Google Near Me 

When potential customers search “kitchen remodelers near me,” Google will typically return several companies based on the location of the user’s IP. Your goal is to have your company appear in the top three results, which requires optimizing your website and Google My Business profile.

Google My Business is a free tool businesses can use to provide the search engine with basic information about your company so it can match you with users looking for your services within a specific geographical area. To show up in the top results, you must complete your profile as thoroughly as possible. You also need to optimize your website’s home or landing page, using relevant keywords in headings, titles, and links so search engines index your content correctly and associate it with kitchen remodeling in your area. 

Engagement is also important to success with Google My Business. Use your profile to share posts, respond to customer reviews, and give potential customers tools to get in touch with you, request quotes, or ask questions.

3. Use Social Media Effectively

Posting relevant, engaging, and informative content on social media can capture attention and help generate leads for your remodeling company. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Houzz are all visual media that allow you to show off your work and inspire homeowners to update their properties. 

Like Google My Business, engagement is critical to success with social media marketing. Focus on starting conversations and encouraging your followers to share their thoughts and ideas, and building relationships. Make it a priority to respond to every query and acknowledge others’ contributions, which helps ensure you remain in your followers’ feeds.

Social media can also contribute to your search engine marketing efforts. Using relevant keywords in your posts can help potential leads discover your company. 

4. Invest in Paid Ads

A pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign can help generate increased website traffic and drive new kitchen remodel leads. A well-written and carefully targeted ad can attract potential customers and get them to complete contact forms or reach out for more information. 

You have several options for PPC campaigns, including social media and Google.

  • Social Media Advertising

Successful advertising Facebook or  LinkedIn, and other social sites requires a clear understanding of your audience and how they use the platform. Because social sites capture so much personal information about users, you can design specific campaigns to reach the right people at the right time with relevant content. 

  • Google Ads

Google allows businesses to create ads that target people in a specific geographic area who are looking for kitchen remodeling services. It can take time for your website to rank high on search results, but a Google ad campaign allows you to get in front of an audience quickly. If you’re running a promotion, for example, a Google PPC campaign can help you reach a wider audience. 

One significant advantage of using Google Ads is the ability to evaluate your campaigns in real-time. The PPC dashboard not only shows you how many people click on your ad, it reveals how many of those clicks resulted in a conversion or lead. If your ads aren’t getting the results you want, you can tweak them to improve results.

5. Use Retargeting Ads 

Many kitchen and bath contractors get their leads by retargeting customers who visit their website or consumer their content without taking a desired action, like requesting a quote. Google and Facebook make it simple to track user behavior and target follow-up messages or ads to encourage them to complete the transaction. These leads are already warm thanks to their interaction with your company, so they are more likely to convert into viable prospects.

6. Develop a Strategy to Get More Reviews 

The majority of online shoppers rely on reviews from previous customers in their buying decisions. Encourage your existing clients to share their words of praise on your website, social media profiles, and review sites like Houz and Yelp to build your online presence and capture attention from leads. Customer reviews factor into your ranking on Google My Business results, too, so the more reviews you get, the more likely that potential clients will find you.  

When a customer leaves a review, be sure to interact with them and thank them for sharing their thoughts. Even if they leave a less-than-glowing review, thank them for their time and explain the situation as best you can to demonstrate how responsive you are to customer concerns. 

7. Maintain a Blog 

A blog can support multiple elements of your strategy to secure kitchen remodel leads. Blogging helps you create useful content for your website and develop trust with your customers, but it can also support your brand, help you stand out from the competition, build relationships with customers, and help support your social media and PPC ad campaigns. A blog can also be a critical element of your SEO strategy.

Use your blog to feature your projects and new products, discuss kitchen trends, share tips and tricks, and highlight industry news to engage readers and capture more customer leads.

kitchen and bath marketing process

Get Professional Help Marketing Your Kitchen Remodeling Company Online

If the idea of developing an effective digital kitchen and bath marketing strategy for your company feels overwhelming, let the experts of Kitchen Remodeling SEO help. Home improvement contractors and cabinet manufacturers from across the country rely on us for comprehensive digital marketing services that increase profits and support long-term, sustainable growth. From website optimization and SEO to social proof and paid advertising, we have experience and proven results in the key tactics in online marketing.

When you’re ready to begin capturing leads from “near me” searches and queries related to kitchen remodeling in your area, contact us for a free digital marketing strategy consultation today. We’ll show you how our system can help you secure more kitchen remodel leads and see more results from your online marketing efforts.


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