Kitchen Remodel Business Processes That Lead to Profit

In this podcast, our special guest, Colin Shaw is going to show you how to build a kitchen remodeling business from the ground up and make more profit than ever before.

For Colin, improving people’s homes is his passion, but it wasn’t always profitable. Over the years, he’s developed some really effective marketing strategies that have helped him grow his kitchen remodeling business into what it is today. After 16 years in the industry, he is going to share them with you so you can do the same thing without all the trial and error that took Shaw Remodeling years to figure out on their own!

Topics discussed on the podcast about how to market a kitchen remodeling business

  • Why internet marketing creates trust
  • How leveraging Google reviews can increase phone calls for more remodeling projects
  • How Shaw Remodeling used digital marketing to grow their kitchen remodeling business
  • lots more …
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Audio Transcript

Hey there, it’s Mike Golden here with a crushing it with kitchen remodeling podcast and today on the show, we’re gonna be talking all about renovating homes and the success of one of Connecticut’s very best for modeling companies shaw remodeling where they’re offering a full spectrum of designer remodeling services, including including carpentry and plumbing with its principal Colin shaw, who also hosts behind the studs podcast, which is not your average show about D. I. Y. Home improvements and we’re going to do all of that just after this, are you looking for some fresh ideas to jumpstart your kitchen remodeling business? Welcome to the crushing it with kitchen Remodeling podcast, your host, Michael Goldstein, founder of Kitchen Remodeling. And we’re live today, we are here on the crushing with kitchen remodeling podcast and we’re going to bring in with us Colin shaw, who is the host of Behind the studs podcast as well as shaw remodeling one of the top, one of the best renovation companies in all of Connecticut. Hey Colin great to see you today. Nice to see you too, Michael, thank you very much for having me, I appreciate it. Oh no, our pleasure. So Colin, I I know that you’ve been around the, the industry for quite a while, you know, and and what our show really does is we, you know, we talk a lot to people in the industry, we try and give them tips and strategies to help them grow their business and we look at really successful companies like yourself. Um so it would be great if you just tell us a little bit about Shara modeling, kind of, you know, what, what’s involved in it. How did you get started? Just kind of give us a brief history absolutely well, and by the way, big fan of your show, so you’re welcome. Um so show remodeling actually started after the first company that I know that I am started with and what it was was I was in the hotel business, corporate America student i every day and it was just just turned out not to be for me and it took me 6f445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2622f6c83445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26cc7260ae62e3b1345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266831a8345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f568c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf1a8cdf4ad21ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26f6d23 years to figure that out. Um So when I decided I was getting out of that business, uh the head of maintenance in the hotel was like, why don’t you open up a handyman business? So I was like, all right, you know, I used to do rough framing when I was a kid and loved it. Um so I said, okay, let’s do it. Uh He made it about three months and his wife said, go get a real job and I said, you know what, I’m gonna hold on to the company. So I took it over, that was about c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf years ago. So it was called handyman services of Connecticut. So I ran that for about 71c383cd34173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303fb7c1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268ab501ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad263adfecb7b6f445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2622f45568c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf1a8cdf4ad21ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26f6d23b45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260b6c83445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26cc7260ae62e3b1345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266831a8345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f68c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f137082d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad264c475687be6d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e8206a3b84ad4d76fe45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26aa27a0c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bff67d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e8205ed6c3f6788145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26b6e058 years and then I realized that, you know, we were getting a lot of the bigger type projects from customers that we had done work for. So I knew somebody wasn’t gonna just, you know, call a handyman to do $f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad261345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26df5ed3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820545c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266431445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3e77cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3c6dd,c6f057b8658445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2642e445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff341c383cd34173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303fb7c1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268ab501ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad263adfecb7b6f445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2622f45568c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf1a8cdf4ad21ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26f6d23ffb1fa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad263d4 kitchen. So we started shower modeling, uh ran the two together for quite a while and then we decided to close that side of the business because we were just getting too big on shower models have the time to get to the smaller jobs. So then what we did was about three years ago we realized we definitely needed to still have the animal business because people need small Stuff done. So we kept that meeting, a completely separate company, uh did show remodeling kept as a separate company. And then here we are, c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf years later that that’s great. You know, so many of our of our clients, you know at kitchen colonists, you know, they they start off as handyman and they realized really quickly that, you know, you can’t be everything to everybody, you know, and when you are and your re facing, you know, two cabinets, they’re not gonna hire you to put in the kitchen with the viking stove and you know, the beautiful shaker cabinets and then the whole deal. So that’s, that’s really smart. Um, so with that said, who is your target market in Connecticut? What is the ideal customer? And how did you go about targeting those folks? So, you know, it’s, it’s changed so much as, you know, you know, since c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf years ago, like, you know, I put an ad in the pennysaver, which was this little tiny newspaper around and the phone rang off the hook. You know, and now we don’t do any sort of print advertising because that’s just really not where our customers are there online, you know, everything social media, the website and facebook, all that sort of stuff is what strives our customers to us. Um, but yeah, I mean we, We pretty much go for, you know, I would say our average customer is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 1c383cd34173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303fb7c1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268ab501ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad263adfecb7b6f445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2622f45568c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf1a8cdf4ad21ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26f6d23-6c83445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26cc7260ae62e3b1345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266831a8345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f. Um, you know, in a house that’s about c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f137082d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad264c475687be6d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e8206a3b84ad4d76fe45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26aa27a0c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bff67d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820-45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3 years old. And that seems to be kind of the sweet spot. So we try to focus, you know, some of our marketing towards those individuals that seem to be the ones that are most receptive, especially with social media where some of our clients that are on, you know, their elderly, they don’t have email addresses or anything else. We have to kind of go back to the yeah to the mail system, which hasn’t been doing all that well lately, but I’ll let that go. No, no doubt. And now, you know, when you’re in Connecticut, you’re in New England, I’m in New England to work. Um, you know, we’re, we’re up in the boston area. Um, you find that, you know, you’re working a lot with kind of older, almost colonial like homes. I mean there’s all kinds of permitting and extra things that have to be done with that or are these more newer developments, you don’t have all that, that hit the, you know, the history impediment in there. Yeah, I would say 8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec% of our business is probably old homes, you know, and I’m talking anything that’s before 45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26fdb62f45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2632adf55af2c0e045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26e5586145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2664. Uh, you know, we’ve worked on homes that are in the 7cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3efdf2ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26b0860745c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26745c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad265c442636b55fb hundreds, 6f445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2622f6c83445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26cc7260ae62e3b1345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266831a8345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f568c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf1a8cdf4ad21ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26f6d23 hundreds, you know, doing what I do, I’m just like a kid in a candy store when it comes to one of those type of places. You know, I love walking around looking at the trim and thinking about all the work that went into that, you know, back before they had Routers and you know, you know, different types of tools, which, you know, we are fortunate to have today and we can make some really great stuff, but nothing like what they used to make. So we probably do, like I said about 8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec-d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c3% is the difference. Yeah, I think that’s pretty standard. And when you go out there and you know, and you’re talking to customers, I mean, how do you position yourself in the eyes of the customers? What, what, what is that kind of unique selling position that you guys have for for you that maybe some of the smaller folks don’t have? Um, that’s interesting. Um, I would say, um, you know, our professionalism starts with the very first phone call to the, to the office. You know, we have somebody here in our office, her name is Megan, she answers every phone call. She is the face of the business, you know, for the very first time somebody reaches out, um you know, we get right back to him if she’s busy, you know, so they’re getting a phone call back and you know, she’s scheduling the appointments I show up on time, you know, I don’t blow off the, the estimate. Um So it’s more we go for more of the professional side of things, which is not necessarily popular in in our business here. Uh people don’t, yeah, people don’t necessarily show up for appointments. They don’t ever send them an estimate. They don’t answer the phone call. Um so we do things, you know more what I used to usually just say it’s business wanna want, you know, it’s it’s not rocket science in my opinion. And probably all my years in the hospitality industry helped to get me to this point. Um but you know, if there’s a, if there’s a guy that’s just starting out and, and I can, I can feel for you because I did not have somebody in the office when I first started, I mean, it took me five or six years before I could finally open up the office and take that turn, you know, and I currently don’t work out in the field anymore either. I just kind of visit the guys and you know, to meet, to meet the customers and and that sort of thing and deal directly with them. Um So yeah, so I think it’s our professionalism and, and you know, I’ve got trucks and bands and they’re well marked and the guys all wear uniform shirts, like the one I’ve got on hats, the whole thing. Um everybody that works for the company has done some form of retail type of work, whether it’s hospitality, store, something along those lines, so they know how to talk to people and I cannot tell you the number of confidence we get from our customers that just say they were so professional, they were so clean, they were so nice and, you know, a lot of times they don’t want to necessarily leave somebody in their home when they first meet them and by the time we’re done, they’re giving the pass code to the garage, you know, to the guys because they just trust that everybody’s just very professional in doing what they need to do. Yeah, I mean, it sounds like you, you understand the whole concept of building a brand and and making sure that, you know, people understand, you know, that this is what they’re gonna get and that’s, that’s one of the things that I find with, with, you know, with a lot of people are starting off is, you know, they’re just so hungry for business that, you know, they, it’s, it’s the, it’s the shiny object syndrome and they just, you know, whatever, whatever whoever whoever’s calling today is that they pay attention to and that’s, that’s, you know, it’s something I preach to everybody is, you know, you just have to make everybody feel like they’re the most important person and, and just at the end of the day, you know, just do what you say you’re gonna do. Absolutely, that’s all they’re looking for. You know, it’s not like, you know, again, it’s not rocket science, it’s business one on one. So yeah, I’m on board with you. Absolutely. Now in terms of the client base that you have, um, you know, how are you going out to reach him? Because you said a little earlier that, I mean obviously things have changed in c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf years. I mean, you know, we used to be in a place where the yellow pages and, and word of mouth, that’s all we needed. Um, and now I still have nightmares about that mike, oh boy, don’t we all, But what would you say? I mean, what would you say is, um, you know, is driving the most profit or what you say is the most profitable market channel for you, that that’s driving the best leads in right now. Honestly, it’s our website, yep, no, ifs ands or buts, I mean we do, we do facebook and we do lots of, you know, photos and we do instagram. Um, so, you know, we’re, we’re definitely out there on the, on the social media platform, but by far it’s our it’s our website. Um you know, we have somebody that’s really really great that does all of our marketing and you know the facebook stuff and everything else because that’s you know, still above me. I don’t I don’t know all of it, I don’t know how to navigate around instagram or anything like that. But as long as I know somebody does that has our best interests in mind that I’m good. So I mean it sounds like you’ve got a good handle on S. C. E. O. And on on local search showing up in the maps because that that that’s one of the things that you know, people don’t really, they don’t grasp how important that is and I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but the latest stats that that I’ve read tell me that 7cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3% of people who are looking for home services and when they go to google, they don’t go beyond that map because they have all these great reviews and so that they can find what they need and that’s and as you well know too, I mean, google wants you to be extremely active too. So if you have a website you need to be changing and updating you’d be posting photos, you know, blogs, there’s just so many different things, you know that that keeps you relevant with google and keeps you up in the search as well. So you can’t just put together as you well know a website and just throw it out there and just hope for the very best. I mean it’s just gonna get buried and nobody’s gonna see it. So there’s definitely a lot to it that I’ve, I’ve learned over the years. Yeah, I mean, you know, a lot of people thinking listen if I throw you know, $45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f137082d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad264c475687be6d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e8206a3b84, into this beautiful site, people will come, well no, they weren’t. You got promoted and you’ve got to, you know, engage the audience. So, you know, with that in mind, I mean a lot of that kind of says, you know, a lot of traditional marketing is kind of going out the window and we won’t mention, you know that that book over there. But other than that, I mean what marketing efforts do you think you’ve stopped over let’s say the past five or d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820 years just because it’s, they don’t, it’s not performing anymore. It would be print, you know, which I think everybody would say nowadays, you know, print, I should correct that show remodeling. I don’t do print advertising, the handyman business. I still do, we’ve got shoreline papers around here. You know, where you put your business card sized ad in the very back and you know, people just know that’s where you go if you’re looking for like a handyman or plumber or something along those lines. So you know, I have a double sized ad. So I stand out and you know, just make sure that we’re still out there that people see us because you know, I used to love print advertising and you know, when I was in the hotel business, I would try to get my boss to understand, you can’t put an ad out this week and then wait three weeks and then put another ad out. It has to be every single week, so that because you never know when they’re gonna open up the page and look at it, so you want to be there. Um so for the handyman side, it still does work for us um show outside, you know, I monitored it, I checked it, you know, we kept the total’s going and it just wasn’t worth it for shaw and you know, we said that’s it, you know, for for print advertising, that’s that’s that’s so true to about the consistency and I got my start in radio and the whole thing, there was, you know, people are never going to go with you the first time they hear your commercial, they gotta hear you 45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3 45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f137082d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad264c475687be6d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e8206a3b8434173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303f times, you know, and then all of a sudden you become the most well known whatever it might be, you know, in this case, the best, the most well known remodeler and it’s, it’s the same way, you know, with anything I think um but the the one I think the difference to that nowadays is with, with google maps and things like that. Um there’s that there’s the trust factor and the fact that, you know, you’re working in somebody’s home, they they want to know that they can trust you, that other people in the area have worked with you. So you know those google reviews and the facebook reviews and even even yelp and house reviews, things like that are so important today. Um are there any kind of special initiatives you used to attract online reviews from your, from your current clients or I mean is there anything you do to to get to? I don’t want to use the word compel but to help encourage. Yeah, that that works. Yeah, um Starbucks card. Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So once we know that the job is completely done and we’ve done the punch list and everybody’s happy. Um we from the office here will send out an email thanking them for their business. We also still believe it or not do handwritten thank you notes as well. Um so which is kind of cool people don’t really do it anymore and it kind of stands out a little bit. Um but we do send out an email and we do give them all of the links for the different sites to go ahead and review us. So a lot of people will do that, they’ll take the time, you know, if you send it over to them and they have to do is just click a link and then they can just type up your review, we get a lot more that way. So that’s that’s pretty much what we do. I mean We had thought about offering you know some sort of incentive maybe you know $8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec will actually today would wouldn’t even come close but a $8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec gas card or something that’ll get you like a quarter of a tank if you’re lucky. Um so but you know I was just asking them to do the reviews was was enough. So yeah you have to be so careful to with offering something because if google catches you doing that. I mean it’s a violation of the terms interesting. Yeah you can’t you can’t buy you can’t buy a review you know but it’s yeah so the you know the other place that you know is so important and you touched on this earlier is is facebook and and even youtube to some extent on instagram um You know do you do you utilize that to use that to engage with the community at all? Yeah so again that’s pretty much on the the S. C. O. Side, you know the marketing side. She does pretty much all of that. Um So there’s a lot of you know pictures that we post, you know that always seems to get you the biggest amount of you know feedback from people loving liking which is which is great. Um And we were fortunate enough to have, you know, a lot of great projects that we’ve been able to take some really nice pictures of, so people definitely do, you know, pay attention to that. Yeah, I think I think that before and afters, especially when you kind of put it into a video format and you get that testimonial, you know, d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820 minutes after you finish the project with someone walking around, wow and you know, look at what you’ve done, that that really does drive a lot of quality leads I’ve found and so we have, you know, a lot of the houses that we’ve done work for beautiful homes, you know, when you go in there and you take a before picture and people, you know, you post it and the people are going, oh my God, that looks beautiful, you guys did a great job, like, you know, this is what we’re going to tear out, Yeah, I get that a lot, you know, I’ve, I’ve done a lot of working with people in the, in the stanford area, in the White Plains area and especially around there in Greenwich and you get that, they, you know, they already dumped, you know, $f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad261345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26df5ed3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820545c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266431445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3e77cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3c6dd,c6f057b8658445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2642e445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff341c383cd34173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303fb7c1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268ab501ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad263adfecb7b6f445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2622f45568c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf1a8cdf4ad21ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26f6d23ffb1fa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad263d4 into something d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820 years ago, but you know, it’s outdated right now um like, you know, the white carrera marble is only six by six, we want c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f137082d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad264c475687be6d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e8206a3b84ad4d76fe45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26aa27a0c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bff67d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820 by 1ff1de774005f8da13f41ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2643881c655f it’s like, alright, let’s just rip the whole thing down then. Yeah, no doubt So when when you’re looking at some of those people that do want to kind of remodel and they, you know, maybe they come to, they came to you when you know, when you have the handyman business or when you started shot out um what do you do to kind of reach out to those old two to the older clients? Like do you do any kind of database reactivation campaigns or or any kind of nurturing of of past clients? We really don’t, to be honest with you um you know, we used to do like the email blasts and things like that and people seem to, you know, I want to reach out to us when they’re ready to have something done. You know, they’re not the type of work that we do, it’s it’s not like I can force them to do a project by reaching out to them and saying, hey, you need to do a project right now because you know, now is the time. Um but so most people just, you know, when they need something, they reach out um and fortunately enough they call us back so Sure, yeah, so you’re really not using email marketing right now and I mean granted, you know, you’re not, you’re not an emergency plumber, you know, you’re not in the several clear, it’s my gosh, I mean I either call somebody now where the house gets flooded, so it’s, it is, you know, there’s a big difference between a $45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad264f6d7e04a4d45203534173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303f0f18b45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2688c fix and a $34173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303f,c6f057b8658445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2642e445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff341c383cd34173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303fb7c1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268ab501ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad263adfecb7b6f445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2622f45568c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf1a8cdf4ad21ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26f6d23ffb1fa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad263d4 bathroom, no doubt. But what what about um when you, you know, when you do have leads come in and when I say leads people who are not really ready yet, um you know, they say, well, you know, we would really like to learn more, you know, we’re we’re interviewing, you know, I love that question. We’re interviewing people. Do you what what type of lead nurturing campaigns or anything? Do you know, do you use email at that level or what do you do with them? So basically, you know, I I’m not a hard salesman, you know, just talking to me here, this is pretty much how I am with customers as well. Um you know, and I’ve and I’ve told people to, I’ve talk to customers for two years before they finally decided to do their their project. It just, it’s whenever they’re ready, whenever they feel comfortable. I highly recommend that everybody gets three quotes. You know, meet some other people, you know, you’re gonna, it’s it’s not just about the price at that point to when it’s a big project like that, it’s about how do you get along, You know, do you think you guys can communicate? Um so you know, for us, communication is huge. If they email me, I’m emailing them right back. You know, if they email the office or email them right back if they want to talk and they want to discuss. You know, some of the uh, material that they picked out. You know, we’re, we’re happy to help them. Um, We also have really good relationships set up with the different lumber yards and stuff so we can get the customers to go there, meet with the rep that we, we want them to meet with. Uh, they help you hold their hand right on through the process as well. So, you know, it’s kind of like, it’s kind of like a fun time as opposed to a stressful time. You know, we would want them to just go around and meet people and talk and pick things out and go to house and look at different pictures if you want and you know, share the idea book with us. Um, so, you know, most people look at us as fun. Uh, you know, you obviously know this too, that you do also have some customers who you know exactly what they want. Um, and there is no discussions on anything. Um, so, you know, that’s fine too. I tell them, you know, this is your house. This is probably the biggest asset you own. So whatever you want us to do will do. Yeah, it’s just about building that rapport, you know, and and making somebody feel comfortable with you and you know, and I think when you’re talking about that, especially coming out of Covid and all and all of that where, you know, people are really nervous about who’s in their home and how many people are going to be there and all that, you know, that just the comfort level I think is is one of the biggest selling points. Yes, I agree with you. Yeah, and, and Covid was an interesting time, you know, we’re obviously very fortunate to be doing what we’re doing during the pandemic because we were, we were busy, you know, I just haven’t, I don’t own a restaurant or a bar, you know, those poor people just, it was, it was a tough time, um but yeah, so, you know, for us, during Covid, definitely the handyman side was really, really busy because people are sitting home and they’re seeing that crack and that, you know, the drywall and, you know, all these other things that just driving them crazy, so we definitely, you know, felt an uptick from that, but I, I would say not, you know, not something that we’re not trying to take advantage and saying, well this is a great time, but at the same point there, you know, that we, I think you always look at the environment that you’re in and there’s always gonna be opportunity, no matter what the environment is, you just need to find it. Um Yeah, So with that said, let me ask you, I mean, you you’ve been doing this for c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf years, you’re fairly successful, you’ve got to companies going, what would your advice be to a kitchen remodeler, or even just a handyman who is just getting started now and they want to, or even someone’s been around, but they want to take their business to that next level. It’s finding good guys. Um you know, that’s really what it comes down to finding a good crew. I’ve been very fortunate, we try to keep our guys for as long as we possibly can before they want to, you know, they look at it and see it’s so glamorous to, to run your own company, they want to go out and do it themselves and I’ve had quite a few come back really quick. Um So getting good guys. Um and you know, one thing that I learned to uh as you have to be healthy as an individual, you have to have a healthy mind. Um So what I do now is I do not give my cell number out to customers, I just don’t do it. You know, they can call the office and the office can get in touch with me and I’d be happy to call him back. I shut off all my notifications as of seven o’clock at night, I don’t need to talk to a homeowner at 45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26, d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820, 11 at night or on a sunday afternoon. Um So take time for yourself, those calls will be there in the morning when you wake up, those emails will be there in the morning when you wake up, you don’t have to do it right away all your doing, it’s just creating more frantic Uh type of a situation I I feel with your customer where there’s no boundaries, there’s no, there’s no, you know, way to kind of move forward through this process other than they have to respect the fact that you’re not there 1ff1de774005f8da13f41ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2643881c655f/7, it’s just you don’t need to be so take it easy on yourself. That’s great advice. And I think one of the toughest things for someone getting started is they, you know, they’re so afraid to lose a customer that they don’t, they don’t want, you know, they’ll bend over backwards and, you know, when they get that call at d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820 o’clock at night, they’ll actually pick it up and, you know, it’s it’s tough, you know, and I get it, you know, I was I was there at one point, we were all there at one point, but, you know, it’s it’s good advice is you’ve got to take time for yourself because you’ll burn out Absolutely, you know, and and, and yeah, yeah, I mean, take time for yourself. Absolutely, for sure. No, no doubt so, um one of the things that you are doing in addition to running show in addition to run the handyman is you’ve got the behind the studs podcast. So, talk a little bit about what, what’s that all about, you know, the D I y piece of it, and yeah, so it’s a lot of fun as you know, doing a podcast is a lot of fun. Um, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re stressing out all week long and then you get to be goofy and have some fun for, you know, half hour, 6c83445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26cc7260ae62e3b1345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266831a8345c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f minutes, whatever it is. Um, so we started it just about four years ago. Um, so we’ve been running it for a while now. Um, it’s a, it’s a home remodeling podcast. We do a lot for the D. I. Y. S. Uh we also try to help educate the homeowners and there’s a little bit of fun for the contractors to who can relate to some of our stories. So I don’t know if you’re, if you’re familiar with the program that uses the was called The Car Talk, which is uh, that’s pretty much what everybody likens us too. We’re kind of like the car talk of home remodeling and it’s funny. I never even heard of car talk before we started this. So it wasn’t like we tried to copy them or anything else. But what most people will say is, you know, we listened, we enjoyed it and we actually learned something at the same time. So, you know, my, my co host jimmy driscoll is a crazy man, extremely funny, has a story for everything. So when, when I was first asked to do the podcast, I was like, no, no, I’m not doing it. And then they’re like, well, come on, it’ll be fun, and I’m like, all right, I’ll listen to some podcasts and I listen to a couple of home remodeling podcasts, they were either overproduced or they just weren’t fun to listen to. So I was like, no, I said I don’t want to listen to myself talk for a half hour, let alone anybody else is going to listen to me talk. So I ended up with my buddy jimmy, him and I have been friends for about 1c383cd34173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303fb7c1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268ab501ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad263adfecb7b6f445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2622f45568c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf1a8cdf4ad21ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26f6d23 years. He’s also in the industry just actually recently came back to work for me not too long ago, and I said, if he can do it, I’m on board and we just have a lot of fun, you know, we get some great guests, you know, the local guys all the way to the HD Tv stars. Um So we’ve been very, very fortunate, you know, lots of advertising and coming up now, which is kinda nice, you know, we paid our dues and so we’re just having a blast with it though, and I appreciate you, you mentioned in the show, you know, one thing I really love about your your show and and it’s the whole premise of it is that, is that helping the D I y folk out because there’s a lot of contractors, there’s a lot of, you know, remodeling companies who they want to have a podcast and what they’re doing is they’re just self promoting their selling their services all wrong and you’re not doing that, you’re not, you’re not selling shaw, you’re not selling the handyman, you’re actually giving tips and strategies, you know, what happens when this and that happens and how can you fix it? And that’s, that’s great. You know, you give him back to people who either, maybe, you know, they’re, they’re not in a financial position and maybe they can’t afford to hire someone and they don’t have any choice but to do it themselves. You know, that’s, that’s listen, that that’s what made youtube what it is today. Right, Right. Yeah, you’re absolutely right. And of course we were voted number two remodeling remodeling podcast by AARP, so there you go, that’s fantastic. Well, I, you know, I, I really appreciate everything that you’ve done, um kind of, when we get to the end of one of our programs, we always ask one thing, which is, you know, are there any extra wisdom or orbits, you know, nuggets of wisdom, I should say that you want to drop on, on the, the kitchen modeling people out there or the, you know, the home improvement folks that maybe we haven’t touched on Something that, you know, you’ve learned in your c74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae8e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a3d045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff344a3365a46c45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26077ebb5e35c36337cbbc4045c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2645c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad260f145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26c78c75bd1e06f1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26bf31c7ff061ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2636a45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266d3c8bd1f8f2ff3ded05f5a3bf3ec7e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf years that you just don’t get until you’ve been through it, right? So when it comes to a kitchen remodel, um what I usually have a conversation with everybody is, the very first question I ask them is how long are you going to live here? If they say under five years, then we have a completely completely different conversation. If they say we’re gonna die in this house, we have another uh conversation. So basically, you know, if it’s gonna be less than five years, you don’t want to go trendy, uh you want to just do classic, you know, something that people are liking right now. Um it’s a very, very personal thing to do a kitchen or a bath, so you don’t want to do it for yourself if you’re not gonna be around to enjoy it because somebody else will have to look at it when they come in and say I gotta rip all this out and now it’s gonna cost a fortune. Um So stay away from trendy if you’re gonna get out soon, but if you’re gonna be there forever, I encourage everybody to get exactly what they like because they’re gonna get 45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f137082d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad264c475687be6d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e8206a3b8434173cb38f07f845c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26ddbebc2ac45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26128303f years of enjoyment out of it. So if they say, what about this light fixture? Well, I mean, I wanted from my home, but you know, if you guys like it, let’s let’s do it, you know, make this, make this space yours and reflect you? Um and I love getting those conversations from, from previous customers, you know that if I bump into them at the store or whatever else they, you know like, oh my God, I still love my kitchen, it’s so much fun. It’s great, it’s great, it’s great. Um so that that always makes me feel good that, you know, we they made the right decision for them, we help them make the right decision and hopefully get them to get them the kitchen that they really, really love now, that’s that’s really great advice. I think, I think, you know, that’s something that people should take to heart because it’s it’s not just about selling what you can do, it’s about selling what somebody wants and what they need to live with it. Yeah, and as contractors out there too, and we always have this conversation when you’re out at the local store and you get a tap on your shoulder, you want to turn around and have a hand reached out to shake your hand and not somebody to punch you in the face, so be above board, b b legit, you know, don’t don’t try to take advantage of people because it will get around, I, you know, I’m sure if you live in big cities, maybe not as much. I come from small towns here on the, on the Canadian coast, everybody knows everybody, you don’t know who you’re talking to. Uh So just do the right thing. Absolutely. Well listen, I really appreciate you taking the time. Um for anybody who wants to get a hold of you. You know, whether they want to, they want to talk to you about shaw or they want to talk about the handyman even, they want to find out more about the show. How do they get ahold, how do they get in touch with you? Sure. So just visit our website, it’s shaw remodeling dot com, S H A W remodeling dot com or you can call the office and talk to Megan 86043445c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad268f137082d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e820145c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad264c475687be6d3d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26446802a448e1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f5c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad266a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26755d38e6dc74d45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267b01eae257e44aa45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26d5bade45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad267baf3e8206a3b8404, or reach out to us on any of the other platforms, like facebook instagram. Be happy to have a conversation with anybody if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them as best I can. Thank you so much. I really appreciate. It was great having you on the show um, for those who are out there, you’re listening today, watching on Youtube live um, if you’re in the Connecticut area and you’re looking for some kind of remodeling help, renovation help, whatever it might be. Uh, shot, you know, give show, remodeling a call, I’m sure they can help you out. Um, so this is Michael Goldstein, um, with Colin shaw, thank you for listening so much.

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