Driving traffic to your kitchen or bathroom remodeling web page isn’t easy. It requires a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and how SEO affects the results. Luckily, there are a few uncomplicated Local SEO best practices to help push your website up the search engine ranking with relative ease.

With the internet becoming more prominent each passing year, your kitchen or bathroom remodeling web page must have a solid online presence. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is using SEO or search engine optimization. It involves using keywords, phrases, and strategies to increase your search engine ranking naturally. Below are some local SEO best practices that will take your remodeling webpage to incredible new heights.

1. Quality Content Is Still King

Having high-quality, original content on your remodeling website is one of the most important aspects of SEO. However, it isn’t easy to know what the algorithms deem quality content since they are constantly changing. Despite the changes, four local SEO best practices will help your website climb the SEO ladder.


You always want to create content that connects with your audience. Posting error-free, relative content that engages your readers is crucial to improving your local SEO ranking. It also shows your experience and expertise, making your services more alluring to potential customers.


Content that reads well and isn’t overly complicated also helps increase your search engine ranking since it resonates with a broad audience. Keep things simple so more people can understand your content and remodeling services.


Adding an FAQ page to your content is a fantastic way to keep your audience informed while improving your SEO. It also makes it easier for potential clients to find information without skimming through elongated articles and blog posts.

Have a Blog and Newsletter

High-quality newsletters and blogs are an effective marketing strategy that drives more people to your website, significantly increasing your SEO ranking. Having at least two high-quality blog posts a month about your kitchen or bathroom remodeling service substantially impacts search engine results.

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2. Optimize Your Website for Voice Search For Local SEO Best Practices

Optimizing your website for voice search is one of the most popular SEO trends for 2022. Studies show that around 58% of online consumers use voice search to find local shops and businesses. As voice search becomes more popular, it’s safe to say the trend will continue well past 2022. Here are a few simple techniques to help improve your website’s voice search:

  • Add an FAQ page to your website
  • Transform your subheadings and titles into questions
  • Include more conversational keywords

3. Site Speed Matters

Providing an optimal online experience to potential customers is a great way to keep users on your website longer, increasing your search engine ranking. However, technical issues like long load times decrease the user experience substantially, turning them away from your website. Ensure your remodeling webpage is easy to navigate and runs smoothly to maximize user experience.

4. Ensure Your Webpage Is Mobile-Friendly

Research shows that almost 75% of online users will access the internet only using a mobile device by 2025. With mobile web surfing becoming more popular, it’s vital to have a mobile-friendly website. Having a high-functioning website that works well with desktops and phones is a surefire way to increase your SEO ranking and get more customers.

5. Incorporate Videos into Your Webpage

Video content is more popular than ever. The emergence of YouTube and TikTok kickstarted the online video era, making it a significant factor in improving SEO. Adding short, informative videos about your remodeling services or showing off your skills is just as crucial as developing written blogs and newsletters. It makes it easier for consumers to get information without sifting through walls of text.  In addition, it gives you yet another type of media signal you can send to Google, to improve your expertise score.

Increase Your Kitchen Remodel Leads With Local SEO

Knowing all the ins and outs of local SEO best practices takes time and patience. However, utilizing the latest SEO trends listed above will help your remodeling business reach its full potential. If you want further help improving your search engine ranking, the SEO experts at Kitchen Remodeling SEO can help.

The Kitchen Remodeling SEO team develops unique online marketing strategies that help kitchen remodeling companies increase their online presence while improving their search engine ranking. We help strengthen your remodeling leads and drive more customers to your website using local SEO best practices. If you want to grow your kitchen remodeling business to the utmost degree, Kitchen Remodeling SEO is for you.

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Immediate Value with Google Ads’ Call-Only Feature

Call-only ads cut out the red tape, making it easier to connect with customers and convert these leads to profitable remodeling sales. The immediate value of Google Ads with a call-only feature is cost-effectiveness. When you compare the expense associated with traditional PPC campaigns, a call-only campaign provides a far better return on investment.

Businesses can expect a better return with call-only ad copy because:

  • Many users that click on call-only ads are ready to let the business sell to them.
  • About 60% of users prefer to call a service provider and have a real conversation about the sale.

Call-only Google ads provide valuable data to help a business develop its marketing strategy. Call tracking features in these call-only ads allow you to track the phone call’s location, date, and time to collect valuable demographics. The data will contribute to personalized marketing strategies to reach a target audience more effectively in the future.

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Learn More About the Paid Ad Campaign Strategies That Work

At Kitchen Remodeling SEO, our focus is on providing support for home and kitchen remodeling services by helping them implement proven marketing strategies that move with the times. Our fine-tuned tools deliver the leads and the conversions that can muscle out the local competition and increase the visibility of the business in their niche. We create campaigns that connect companies directly with a target audience for a stronger brand.

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