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Learn how a kitchen remodeler in Florida increased conversions from leads to sales by targeting mobile phone calls with Google call only ads as their primary PPC strategy.

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Podcast about the benefits of selling luxury kitchen remodeling with the right marketing process and how to successfully execute a sale. We’ll explain what you need to do before meeting with clients, during their consultation, and after they’ve purchased your services.

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Hey guys, it’s Mike Goldstein here with a crushing it with kitchen remodeling podcast and today I am so happy to have john ward from all in one kitchen and bath. And he’s gonna talk to us a little bit about luxury kitchen remodeling and how selling luxury kitchen or modeling has, has helped his business as well as has really helped improve the lives of those people in eastern michigan and we’re going to do all of that right after this. Hey, john, how are you? Good, How are you? Very good. Well, I’m so glad that you’re here with us today. Um so you, are you run a company up in Eastern michigan called all in one kitchen and Bath. Um so tell me a little bit about that, what, what is all in one kitchen and bath? I’ll only kitchen and bath is a place that you can go to and get everything you need in one place without having the shop around for products and installation and dealing with contractors, we put it all together in one place. Um and so that way the consumer can come to a place where they can trust everything will be done in one place and from product selection to installation to the finished product. That’s great. So, I mean, it sounds like it probably eliminates a lot of the stress that people have when they’re dealing with contractors and dealing with designers and then finding the stock and all that, you can really just get it all done right in one area. Yeah, 100%. Um, it takes away the stress gives them the trust factor plus don’t know who’s in their home and when we’re in their home on the construction side of it. Um It’s one of the big things that we heard in the industry is a lot of people that you know they got all these different subcontractors coming through their home and and nobody’s telling them who went and how they’re getting things done and it just kind of simplifies the process. Yeah. And I and I imagine you know when you’re dealing with a lot more luxury uh you know in high level kitchen remodeling and home remodeling that you know the level of clientele also probably is a little bit uh you know more concerned about who’s coming into their home and what’s going on. So that certainly is going to really reduce the stress and just make it a lot easier for you to you know to to sell the client and to explain to them, listen, you know, you know who’s gonna be there. You know, you don’t have to worry every day. There’s gonna be somebody new in your place. Yeah 100%. Um you know the higher end customers, they don’t that trust kind of got built with them. They wanted that process. Um They prefer it. So they’re gonna follow the process. The people that you know uh you know we kind of shift away from our people that kind of fight the process. Um they want to have their own people come and do certain parts of the process. Um and that’s where we kind of have to draw the lines that luxury customer. Um you know, they don’t question of them, they want the entire process. That’s why they’re, that’s why they’re doing business with us and they trust the fact that we’re going to uh come given the product that they pay for that makes a lot of sense. So when you say luxury customer or luxury kitchen remodeling, I know that’s something that you guys are known for up there and how, and in the surrounding eastern michigan areas. Um what exactly does that mean to you? A luxury kitchen remodel? Well, it’s it’s the seven steps to a professional remodel. And that’s the start of it, um, luxury to us means uh it’s the customer that wants to have a dedicated designer to walk them through the um, the project. It’s not just a designer, it’s uh, our design team are are experts in remodeling. So it’s when we see a luxury model, it’s there’s the product is a part of that, but it’s also the process. When you have professionals that are, you know, we have a group of guys that withhold to the all in one standard, which puts us in that luxury category, the details, it’s all in the details from production management to making sure they’re getting, you know, they’re getting uh honestly to hold their hand, but, but there’s a process and they know what’s going on from scheduling to the software that we use, which is build a trend that software or a lot of that customer to be feel like they’re engaged with our team at any given point of the job. So luxury is, is got a lot of different components to it. Um You know, it’s not just high quality of product. It’s, it’s the level of service they’re going to get with the product. And I mean that makes a lot of sense. So let me ask you, I mean when you say, you know, you’re doing this luxury and the seven step process and all that, do you find that, you know the customer that you, that you’re going out and you’re talking to, do they do they have the same thought like, you know, when, when they say luxury, I mean, do they, they just thinking, well, geez, I just need, that just means to me granite countertops and you know, the highest custom cabinets and, and the right backsplashes all that or is it more of a process to, to the customer when you talk to them about it, It’s, it’s more of a process, You know, so the customer debts, you know that we experience, it’s coming through a more of a country look after. Um um, you know, they have, you got to discover that some folks to be quite frank, They don’t even know all this exists. Um, and so I guess in their mind initially and maybe they want the luxury kitchen, they want that stuff, but they really don’t have any idea where to start. So always starts off with that initial conversation with one of our expert designers to discover if we’re going to be a good fit. And what we understand that luxury is because you know, you have to educate the customer. Um, yeah, some people that want a luxury kitchen will come to to us and and they just fall right in place and everything just kind of goes right through. And they love the fact there is a process because I hate to say it, but in this industry, you know, the big, the big downside of it is is that is no, they have to be educated people, they consider luxury. I I guess the customer can say, yeah, I want the luxury kitchen, but really all I need is countertops, but it really doesn’t go in and hand. Typically that customer is looking for you to look in just uh I call put lipstick on a pig. Um, and that’s usually you identify that pretty quickly in the process, right? So, I mean, I imagine, you know when you have some people who probably come to you and they say, well, you know, we’re looking to sell the house, we just want to make it look nice, you know, can you just, you know, do a little bit of re facing work or something like that. You know, what do you say to someone who comes to you and just ask for, you know, maybe a new code on the countertop or re face the cabinets. I mean how how do you approach that and turn that into more of uh well let’s, you know, educate them and why they want to do a full remodel and in a luxury model at that, I look at, I look at the cabin facing the same as somebody that comes in, the nose of the cabins are ravage, right? But they don’t have the money to spend on it. They’re selling the home whatever the story is. And they just want to put, they want to spend $8,000 in countertops. Um and they’ll pull all this money into the countertops and knobs and just address them up. Part of that could be re facing. But the reality of it is is that you’re not changing the quarter cabinet, so you all you’re doing is given a facelift. And if you’re going to sell the home, that could make sense because the reality is, is that your, it’s not gonna be your problem. Um but the consumer that’s coming in, the functionality, the kitchen still is the functionality of the kitchen. So that’s a downside to them. You’re not changing anything. All he does make it look pretty. Um And so if you’re selling the home, my suggestion is simple. Look at what’s going to improve the value of the home because the value in the home is one of the biggest spaces is the kitchen. So you can, if you look at the value of or talk to the real, the real estate company that you’re working with um and ask them to give you the value of hey, if we put a brand new kitchen in here and then based the budget on the kitchen based on the reality of what you’re going to get in return because today’s market, I mean people are going well over and above of what the price of the home is going to be anyway. So you can get the value pretty easily out of it and then the same with the bathroom, you know, the bathrooms are the same thing. So when it comes to re facing, I always tell people it’s simple, you’re not getting affect your product, they’re not getting affect you finished. I related to Mexico or or when people back in my days when they got there, they bought the car as a high school kid and they wanted the portal uh and they go down to make up and get this beautiful paint in their eyes, three grand, got this amazing paint job. And then two weeks later the paints flipping off because they don’t use all the same technology that these all industries use and have been using for years and that’s why the paint sticks. Um it’s kind of the same thing when it comes to, we’re facing the cabinet. You know, if you’re not getting the fact you finish all the steps that they take to make sure that that uh that stain is going to work or that pain is going to work for longevity and the warranty that goes behind it. Um you’re going to spend quite a bit of money re facing cabinets. Now people get tripped up because there’s a couple different terminologies re facing and re finishing is completely two different things and this is where people get tripped up. Re facing is and this is where a lot of people need to do the homework. If you have a cabinet sitting in your kitchen right now, you need to identify what parts of it are wood and what parts of it a photo paper, because you can’t do anything with the photo paper, you have to create would with that before you’re going to paint anything. Um and that would species is not going to identify the same wood species that the rest of the Canada. So now you have stains or paints that may not take the same colors. Um and so that’s where you have to really identify what you have and what makes sense. And then also go talk to um accompany a designer or cabinets get a price because I have several people that come to us wanting to do a complete kitchen and I wanted to save money and just keeping what they currently have um And re face it, and they’ve come to find out by the time that you do all the work of standing and getting all the all the full of paper turned into wood. Um You do all that stuff and then you find out that by the time you get done painting it, are you gonna love it? Is it going to match? Is it going to look the way you want it to look? Then you put all those knobs on it, then you determine, I gotta do soft close everybody wants to soft close doors and drawers. So now I have to upgrade all your drawers to do that. Um You’re going to spend more money doing that. Um Then it would be to just buy a new cabin. And I would say, I imagine, you know, when you when you go through this process of people to, it probably makes it a lot a lot easier for you to to sell because this the transparency uh you know that you know, you’re showing them, listen, you’re gonna you’re gonna spend more money just, you know, as you say, putting lipstick on a pig in some situations than actually doing it right? And when you do it right, you’re going to have this product, you’re gonna have this kitchen in the bathroom for, you know, for a lot longer because it’s solid construction. Um I mean, how do you go, how do you go about that? And, and do you have people, you know from time to time we kind of question, well is it really going to cost me more money to just to put a face lift on than to actually, you know, redo the whole thing? Yeah, I’ll give you the biggest example I can give you if you spent just say the argument of state that you just painted, you went to home depot, you about 250 delicate and you just took what you had and just painted it. Whatever it’s gonna look like. It’s gonna look like, right, you please your mind, you bring your countertops on it. So let’s just talk about that scenario, that scenario say the paint job, your time, everything, you spent $1000 2000 dollars whatever it is or you wouldn’t have it done with a company and you spent 5 to 10 50 whatever the number is going to be, if it doesn’t last, Just throwing it out there, if it does not last because it won’t, it will not last as long as a brand new cabinet. Well, that’s a guarantee you already got, you already got a box is probably 20 years old. That’s inside there that you haven’t changed anything to. You just gave the facelift, but use that as an example. So in five years if you had to re fix that and had to go by cabinet side because you don’t realize that that didn’t work. Now you put brand new countertops on top of that lipstick on a pig scenario. So brand new countertops are going to cost between $5-$8,000 today, depending if you want courts, which most people do. So you gotta, you can’t keep, they’re not gonna come out recut it because once you change out cabinets, that changes the layout always. Um So now you put brand new countertops on it again and now you’re gonna put brand new cabinets and again, so now you’ve spent twice the amount of money that you could have done once. So that’s why it’s so important that you think about the cost to see if the cost was only $10,000 between the fact of you? Re facing it and it’s going on you and be able to change the layout, the construction. Most people that are doing a face have a solution that they’re trying to solve our problem with trying to create a solution to, it’s not just because they want to make them look pretty. Um There’s something about it they don’t like. And so with that said um I think that yes, you have to outweigh the replacement cost that you’re creating for yourself because of the fact um that you’re not, you’re not realizing that this stuff can be repurposed, That little bit of money you spent on revisions cabinets have no value to anybody. zero. There were the new kitchen has value. The old kitchen still isn’t old kitchen. All you did is put pretty new doors on it. And maybe if you spent the extra money you put new doors in it, but you didn’t change the physical layout, you didn’t change anything other than cosmetically. Um So you’re going to eat that cost is what I’m getting at. So that’s a loss because if it doesn’t work out which usually between uh it’s within five years from our experience of replacing that for people because we don’t we don’t re face. I just think it’s a waste of money. Um So it’s usually within five years there back or they’re looking to replace the entire thing. Um So to me, you just, you know, eight grand loss and a countertop with the se five five Grand Lost, you know, depending on the size of the kitchen and then whatever you have invested in all that work. Now, if you hired somebody, it’s a huge loss, you could you could have lost 15-20 grand, that would be for your cabinets initially. So that’s that’s my theory in it. Um I think that, you know, and if you’re selling the home, that’s the only time I say, you know what, You got to talk to the real estate person. That’s the expert, right? And you’ve got to find out what the value is because if you can put $25,000 in kitchen make 50 Which will be on on the set of the home. But you’re asking 200 and you can get to 50 by just doing the kitchen to me that’s what would win. So I mean it really does sound like it’s all it’s about educating the customer. Yeah. So now I imagine that you know you know somebody wants to learn more about the different areas, you know what will increase the value of their home. You know what type of modeling and you know whether you should you should go in you know one area of cabinets first the other whether you know whatever whatever the issue might be. Um Is there a resource that you point people to? Um I I know that you have a blog. Certainly that’s got a ton of that information on it. Is that really what you direct people to you know to kind of start their process or would you just would you just say no to to talk to you if they’re in michigan obviously you know they come and talk to you. Um But you know depending on the way I don’t, hey information is free. Um It’s just based on information you want to believe. Um Or you know I would always just like if I was buying a house, I would want to talk to a realtor and I want them to do an american houses and do all the homework if you want to replace the kitchen and you need to call an expert, let them walk you through the different things. Um, so you know, there’s designers that don’t have anything to do with remodeling. So if it’s remodeling questions, I think you need to talk to somebody that you know, get experience in remodeling. Uh, we give out free information all the time. I’d rather give you free information for you to make an educated decision to give you a bunch of bad information and have you make a really bad decision. So, um, at any given time, Yeah, definitely have you reach out to us. We’ll have that conversation with you, we’ll talk about the pros and cons and our experiences. Um, and you know, there’s a blogs we have on our blog on our website. You can go to our blog and you can read all the different things that we, we’ve experienced throughout the years of doing this. But the most important thing is get information and get good information, which is going right to the source. To me. The best information is always going right to the source. Um, go to the expert and get the information that they can give you. So if somebody didn’t want to get a hold of you john or get a hold of your team. What’s the best way to do that? There’s a couple different ways, depending on if you’re on social media, you can look through us facebook, just type in all in one kitchen and bath. You can call us 5175525 95. Or go to the web renovated dot com. So renovate it dot com. That’s, that’s awesome. I want to really, I want to thank you for the time today, john, it’s been really helpful. Thank you. It’s been very educational. I’m sure that you know all the, everybody out there who’s listened to this and seeing this live on youtube and you know, checking it out on, uh, on amazon music and google podcast is getting a lot out of this. Uh, it was really a pleasure today again. So thank you very much. Like, thank you for having me on. All right. Well, I appreciate, like I said, we appreciate having john on, I appreciate everybody who’s tuned in today. Um, so again, this was Michael Goldstein with the crushing it with kitchen remodeling podcast and we look forward to talking to you again soon. Hi john. Bye bye. Take care. Okay.

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