Marketing Challenges

Marketing Challenges Faced by Kitchen Remodeling Companies

With our dedication to working exclusively with kitchen remodelers to market to local customers, our content writers and Internet Marketers at Kitchen Remodeling SEO are familiar with the digital marketing challenges that home contractor businesses face. Our experience in the industry lets us effectively develop your website and online presence so that your business is the first one local homeowners see in their web searches.

Why Exclusive Leads are Important

When you buy shared leads from a business such as HomeAdvisor, you are investing in leads that may not only not fit the criteria needed for your sales, but that can also be sold to up to five or more different businesses competing against you. In contrast, an agency that provides exclusive leads increases the likelihood of targeting your demographics and giving you the advantage of contacting them first. We can help you maximize lead generation for exclusive leads with automated systems and fast response strategies to connect to more qualified customers.

Longer Sales Cycle

Remodeling any part of a home is a major investment of time and money. Before a client is ready to buy, they will spend the time researching and planning necessary to ensure that they will receive the highest quality of service for a long-term change. As a result, it can take weeks to months to nurture a customer’s initial contact into a confirmed sale.

At Kitchen Remodeling SEO, our knowledge of the industry means that we understand the challenges for social marketing presented by a longer sales cycle. We use a system specialized for remodeling and design services to increase your business website’s traffic and to secure qualified leads that fit your company’s offerings. We also help build email and social media marketing campaigns to keep your brand in the minds of prospective customers.

Kitchen and home remodelers often face many marketing challenges when promoting their home improvement company to their local target audience.

Getting Found on Google

When customers search for a local business, they find results based on ads, sponsored links, and organic results that the algorithm finds relevant. To help you be found by customers who need a local remodeling business, we manage your Google ads and perform a full SEO audit for your website.

Our experts update your business website with optimized keywords for your headings, titles, and links to make sure Google indexes your content as the most relevant for kitchen remodeling in your area. We also help you publish relevant and useful content to encourage customer engagement and reviews, which are both important factors in increasing relevance in search algorithms.

Managing Reviews

Satisfied customers could always promote growth naturally through referrals and recommendations, but now their online presence matters more than ever. Positive reviews are one of the most important factors in Google’s ranking algorithm to secure placement in the top three results for mobile or specific geographic searches.

To ensure your place in the local 3-pack and to build trust and presence in your customer base, we help to make leaving a positive review as simple as possible. Instead of the unreliable method of reminding the customer as you finish the project, we employ automated systems through email, Facebook, and text messages with direct links to review pages.

Our team at Kitchen Remodeling SEO will help you find the best use of time, money, and energy to invest in marketing techniques with proven results. Contact us to help increase your local sales today!



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