In this webinar, we will show you how to take your kitchen remodeling website and optimize for conversions. We show you what actionable steps you can take to turn those website visitors into actual phone calls and leads looking for your kitchen remodeling and home improvement services.

What you’re going to learn about website optimization

  • 5 critical elements that enhance conversion – We will share the 5 critical elements you may be missing that can significantly increase the number of leads and calls coming in from your website.
  • Where to place your phone number & social proof – We’ve found that placing your phone number and social proof in the right place can have a major impact on conversion. This is a simple but often overlooked conversion tactic.
  • A simple trick to convert your visitors that don’t call on the first visit – More than 70% of your visitors don’t call. We will share a simple strategy for keeping in front of those buyers and double the chance of getting the call.
  • Why having duplicate content on your city pages could be killing your rankings
  • How to communicate your “true service area” to Google automatically
  • Which is better to drive home owners to your site, Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads:
  • … and much, MUCH More!

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