A popular question for home contractors is how to improve bathroom remodeling leads. It’s a valid concern, since most remodeling and plumbing companies depend on these valuable leads yet are often confused about how to obtain them.

The following are six verified strategies to improve bathroom design leads, each proven to result in actual confirmed projects.

  1. Get noticed. This is the most important step and may mean utilizing a lead generation service.
  2. Referrals. Happy customers are an invaluable source of leads.
  3. Email marketing. A great way to reach out to new and existing customers.
  4. Local businesses. Consider forming a network with other small business owners.
  5. Social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can all be great introductions to potential clients.
  6. Customer reviews. Highlight all positive reviews, and encourage customers to leave feedback.

These strategies have been shown to increase kitchen designer leads by 486%. By following these six steps, you too can enjoy an increase in bath installation leads and projects. 

Get more bathroom leads

Know Your Target Audience

If your local business is located in an economically challenged area, it makes sense to highlight your company’s budget-conscious approach and the fast turnaround you can offer. However, if your client base isn’t as concerned with costs or budgets, you may opt to showcase your ability to customize and tailor each project to suit individual needs. Also, it’s possible to generate bathroom remodeling leads for a particular service based on a specific geographical area. 

Local SEO

This refers to several factors that help your business get higher rankings in search engines:

  • Relevance. How relevant your website is to the search performed.
  • Distance. Your geographical location in relation to the user.
  • Prominence. How familiar your business is to the user.

There is no single factor that is more important; rather, it is a combination of these three factors that determines your position in search engine results and plays a role in your social media strategy.   

GMB Optimization

Google My Business (“GMB”) is a free online tool that businesses can use to manage their company’s online presence. Based on their IP address, customers are connected with local companies who provide the service for which they are searching. A company’s positive review decides whether or not they appear in this search. With this in mind, it is vital that companies request reviews from customers after each project is complete and actively showcase these reviews.

Facebook Ads for a Local Audience

Social media can be a cost-efficient way to connect instantly with potential clients. Even simply offering a helpful handyman tip can kickstart a conversation and lead to future customers. Whether it’s a blog or a virtual business storefront, having a social media presence is a valuable resource for customers and a great way to advertise. You can even tailor your ads to a specific group of people or a precise geographic area.

Companies looking for bathroom design leads will find that sticking to only one approach won’t get the results they need. Using a combination of all the above strategies will generate plenty of bathroom remodeling leads and potentially grow their business in turn.

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