Local Business Marketing Strategies:

Running a local service is great. Despite numerous challenges, such as logistics, there is always a demand for home improvement services, by small local companies.

Small business online marketing requires a different approach to marketing a service. Since you do not have a product, you have to sell intangibles, promises, and ideas. Therefore, you need to craft marketing tactics that will ensure that the locals find you when they search for a service business specializing in kitchen remodeling, flooring, installing countertops, cabinet repairs, etc.

In the past, local service businesses placed ads in the yellow pages. Today, it is crucial for them to establish an online presence, and build trust through reviews and social media, considering people use the internet to locate service providers to use in their homes.

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Create a Responsive Website

Creating a geo-targeted website is the first step to marketing your local service-based business. Your website is where you tell your audience what services you provide and how they can contact you. Unfortunately, most business owners create a website and leave it at that. It would help if you remembered that you have competitors. Your website must rank higher on Google maps to outdo them.  One way to do this is by getting as many 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook as possible.

When your website ranks higher, it will be easier for home owners in your service areas to find you. It is essential to have an analytic software that tracks the number of people visiting your site and their location.

Adopt a Local SEO Strategy

Without clients, your local service business is as good as dead. With most businesses moving online, it is advisable to adopt an SEO strategy for small business online marketing. If you do not have money to pay for Google, Yelp or Facebook advertisements, SEO for local contractors will help your website rank on the first page.

For SEO to be effective, you need to create high-quality content related to your business. If you are not familiar with SEO for local contractors, you can hire an experienced SEO company to optimize your site and off-page link buiding.

Join Social Media Platforms

If you intend to market your local service business, you need to join social media platforms such as Facebook. Even though the initial purpose of social media platforms is to socialize, most business owners use them to communicate and engage with their target audience in the local market.

You can share content and videos that you feel will turn your audience into clients. Ensure that you interact with your audience to appear trustworthy. Nowadays, people are so sensitive about who they let into their homes. Most importantly, post a link to your website for prospective clients to learn more about or contact you.

Ask for Referrals and Recommendations

You can ask your previous and satisfied clients to recommend your business to friends, relatives, or co-workers. To motivate them, you can offer them gifts or discounts the next time they require your services.

Get Involved with the Local Community

Another great way to market your local service business is to interact with the locals. You can participate in charities or community events. In the process, you meet new people and potential clients.

During community events, do not focus on promoting your services. Instead, focus on building trust and strong relationships. People are likely to hire you if they trust you.  Again, this is why online reviews are so important as is your online reputation.

The above are just some tips you can use to market your local service business. It is advisable to identify which strategies that will work best for you.

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