Whether you’re struggling to get your new business off the ground or you’ve hit a rough patch with your home remodeling company, the problem may be customer interest. Your in-house team is probably responsible for following up with leads when they could be working on designs, consultations, and kitchen construction instead. You don’t want your sales team bogged down with calling potential customers and creating appointments.

That’s why we at Kitchen Remodeling SEO, recommend you outsource to a skilled appointment setter to create and maintain warm leads. Our team works with numerous kitchen remodeling companies to improve site traffic and save your team’s time and energy. Below are the top ways a virtual appointment setter can improve your lead flow. 

1. Finding the Appropriate Prospects

The first thing you should understand is your target audience. Your target audience is a group of individuals to whom you’re looking to provide a product or service, which varies depending on sex, race, age, location, and other factors.

An appointment setter, usually an independent contractor or an employee of a digital marketing agency, sources prospects to ensure the right people learn about your business. For instance, if you run a residential kitchen remodeling company, you’ll want to attract homeowners living in dated homes who may want to refresh their kitchen. Reaching out to restaurant owners about commercial kitchens doesn’t fit your business, so don’t waste your time on a lead that won’t go anywhere. 

2. Setting Goals to Improve Lead Follow-Ups

Now that you know whom to target, ask yourself how many prospective clients should be reached. Once the contact information of your potential customers is obtained and a monthly goal established for generating new business leads/appointments; it’s time set out on finding ways in which will help grow your business by converting cold leads into warm ones- creating more revenue opportunities while reducing cost per acquisition.

You’ll need appointment setters experienced in tirelessly making call after call to reach your goal. For instance, if you want 50 new meetings by the end of each month, a dedicated appointment setter has the best chance of turning every other contact into a lead that pays out. What’s more, they average ten calls every hour, fitting in more calls overall. 

3. Vetting Your Leads and Dealing with Cold Calls 

An appointment setter is great at vetting your leads by examining and separating cold and warm leads. While warm leads are easier to deal with since customers still show interest in your product or service, creating a better chance of making a sale, cold leads are more difficult calls.

Cold leads occur when you’ve already enticed customers to look up your business but lost them somewhere down the line. That can include anything from them visiting your website once to leaving a product in their cart or saving it for later. While your company may send emails, texts, or popups reminding potential customers about their possible purchases, cold calls are the best lead follow-ups.

A virtual concierge reaches out with a unique script highlighting your company and potentially offering deals that’ll bring cold leads back to your company. 

4. Confirming Appointments with Your Virtual Concierge

When leads turn into appointments, the virtual appointment setter can confirm the prospects’ appointment time and date with branded company software such as your CRM of choice. The software provides an easy user interface that clearly labels all appointments and shows a visual report of all scheduled meetings. It also uses an integrated calendar that guarantees the virtual concierge doesn’t overbook a spot.

5. Creating Relationships with Your New Clients

The appointment setter job guarantees friendly customer service. If a lead follow-up is a rude experience, they probably won’t want to work with your company. It also destroys your evolving business once negative word-of-mouth gets around.

The virtual assistant should be knowledgeable about what your company does to answer questions over the phone. A well-educated and confident team member can better build customer loyalty. 

Reshaping Your Kitchen Remodeling Company

Whether you have a family-owned and -operated kitchen remodeling company that doesn’t consist of more than a contracting department or a small team of sales representatives that isn’t getting the job done, an appointment setter can streamline your business.

Kitchen Remodeling SEO in Westford, MA, is ideal for growing companies of all sizes, increasing profits, and building your reputation. Our five-star team uses effective marketing strategies to generate and follow up on all leads while keeping you in the loop. Download our free digital marketing checklist and book a call to reach out today!

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