How to get your kitchen remodeling business ranked on Google Maps?

Are you looking for a way to increase your home improvement company’s brand exposure and generate more qualified leads? Google Map Optimization is the best way to do just that. This podcast episode will walk through how it works, why it’s important, and how you can get started today.

The first thing we’ll dive into is what Google Maps optimization actually means. It’s simply using google maps as an online marketing tool by optimizing your business information on search engine listings so that people can find you easily when they’re searching for “kitchen remodeling contractors” or something similar in their city, your business should show up at the top of the list…

GMB Topics Discussed:

✔Our Proven 4 Step Formula for Getting Home Remodeling Businesses Ranked on The Google Map in even the most competitive markets.

✔The #1 issue that could be preventing your company from ranking on the Map in your area.

✔The key ingredient for a top 3 listing and how to leverage it for great long-term results.

✔How to properly claim & optimize your Google My Business listing beyond just typing in your PIN.

✔How to develop your authority through proactive citation development & the best tools to automate the process.


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Audio Transcript

A couple of things, first of all, is the latest updates where the Google map listing is kind of what’s happening in terms of Google Maps, how it integrates with Google, my business, which is also known as GMB. Really, what are the five biggest issues that could be preventing you from ranking? You know, so right now they’re, you know, people they think that they just have a map location. They set up a GMB, they’re going to get a rank and or they think they need to optimize their their listing to rank. And sometimes they’ll actually do things that will hurt your ranking rather than helping it. And we’re going to talk about our proven model for ranking in the local three pack. So what that means is that when you want to rank on Google, you’ve got you know, you’ve got to be number one, two or three, quite frankly. Number three is as good as number one. It doesn’t matter. It’s not like, you know, you have to be the first person. But if you’re not in the top three, then you’re not showing up on Google Maps unless someone clicks a button and says, show me more. And to be quite frank, that doesn’t happen very often. I’m going to talk about what are the tools that that we use at Kich remodeling Esko to automate a lot of the heavy lifting. And, you know, these are tools that you can use on your own or they’re tools that you can go in and find some, find a developer, find an SEO or a local SEO expert who can help you with as well. So just a little bit about me and and of why I’m putting this on and why you should listen to me really is that I have been in the SEO industry since 1999. It’s a matter of fact, one of our agency’s very first clients was a company called Inktomi, which later went on to become Yahoo! So we have been involved in the search industry since its infancy. We are able to work with any search engine, but really we concentrate on Google. In fact, we are a Google partner. And the folks over here that do our Google ads are actually Google Analytics certified, as well as their Google partners. Additionally, as it relates to kitchen and bath remodeling companies, which is, you know, who Yahoo! Who we work with, we actually are so involved that we’re members of the National Kitchen Baths Association. We are speaking at NCBI events. And, you know, it’s something that, you know, we’re not the organization who, you know, if you are in the legal space, if you’re in the accounting space, the medical space, any of those, you know, we don’t really concentrate in that area. So this is why you should listen to me. If you’re in the remodeling space is this this is what we live and breathe every day. And in terms of, you know, trust factors and what other people have said about us, I mean, we have published news articles in The Boston Globe, has been on Fox News, on Google News, and just a litany of other major publications we’ve been on. We’ve been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC. Quite frankly, we are widely accepted as the premiere expert in search engine marketing and digital marketing for kitchen remodeling contractors. You know, and probably most important, more than any of those are accolades are great and whatnot. But the fact is that we had the opportunity on a day to day basis to work with dozens and dozens of kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling and home improvement companies across the U.S. and even internationally. So the question that we’re really asking here is, does Google Maps really matter? I mean, you there are so many ways that you can go out and get people to come to your site is Google ads. There are local service and there’s local SC. There’s maps, there’s been Facebook. YouTube is on the list, goes on and on. But at the end of the day, 70 percent of the people who are looking for home services are going to pay attention to Google Maps. So according to a study into insights that we have that we’ve seen, GMB, which are the Google my business listing, which would allow here, is pointing to here. They receive on average, 59 actions every month. So of those actions, 56 percent of those result in a click through directly to your, you know, to your website. Twenty four percent of those result in phone calls. And why that really is important is if you add certain tags to your to your page and to your GMB, you can even have a a call button right here on the map so that somebody on a mobile page can actually call you right away without everything go into your site. And then 20 percent of these also request directions and in this space directions actually is rather important. Yes. Kitchen remodeling is something when you’re going out to somebody’s home. But where do they start first? Well, you’re either going to have.

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