Every home improvement contractor, especially those that concentrate on kitchen remodeling know that getting kitchen remodeling leads in their service area is essential to sustain and grow their remodeling company. It goes without saying that those in the home services industry face some very unique digital marketing challenges and must have a high quality digital marketing plan. Most business owners will at some point ask the question, “How do I get started generating a higher lead volume for kitchen remodeling projects?

The best way to get started generating leads is to increase your remodeling business’ online presence, where your home improvement company is the first one local homeowners see in their web searches and in social media. In order to accomplish this business goal, your kitchen remodeling company must maximize lead generation for exclusive leads powered by search engine marketing and enhanced with automated systems and lead nurturing follow-up to connect to more qualified customers.

Kitchen remodeling is not an impulse buy, but rather it is a longer sales cycle. Potential clients are going to do their due diligence and read read online reviews and check out the website of several remodeling contractors before making contact.

It is important to not only generate new kitchen remodeling leads, but also to follow up with proper communication and present your kitchen remodeling services as something that will add value to a potential customer in order to get leads in the door.


increase kitchen remodeling leads for more revenue

Follow these simple 5 tips to significantly improve your kitchen remodeling leads

Get Found on Google Near me searches

There is one method of online advertisin g that is outperforming all other approaches for driving kitchen and other home remodeling leads to help grow your business. That method is attracting local customers through proactive searches in a geographic area. When homeowners are in need of a particular service such as any type of home remodeling, they turn to search engines. Often, they will just search for a keyword phrase like “kitchen remodeling near me” or they may add their town name. For example, “Kitchen remodeling contractor in Boston”.  For this reason, it is critical that your business appears in  Google’s first 3 results under the map in order to get those leads.

There are several things you can do to ensure your placement in the top of the search engine result page. It all starts with technical SEO. More specifically, you should optimize your landing page content for keywords and add those keywords to the page headings, titles, and links to make sure Google indexes your content as the most relevant for kitchen remodeling in your area.

Google My Business (“GMB”), is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google’s proprietary platforms such as Search and Maps.  It works where users are matched up with businesses who provide a service being searched for within a certain geographic proximity to the location where the search is being conducts.  For example, if a user searched “kitchen remodelers near me” the resulting listing would display three remodeling companies near the user’s current location, based on the user’s IP address that Google tracks. The name, location, address, phone number, website link and online reviews of the company is displayed for the top three companies Google deems to be a good fit.

Geo-tagging plays an integral role determining if a businesses GMB listing will be displayed among those top-3 listed businesses, because the more metadata Google has to work with, the more relevant they will consider the company to be based on a customer’s search.

Positive reviews are one of the most important factors in Google’s ranking algorithm to secure placement in the top 3 results for mobile or specific geographic searches. This has a 2-prong benefit. First, reviews from the local area, where a client mentions kitchen remodeling or some other term related to it, send signals to Google that the company is relevant for that specific service in the town where the client lives. Second, the Google algorithm takes into account how many people click on your listing as opposed to other listings.

It has long been held that people click on listings with more reviews, because they trust those listings more. This conversion metric has an indirect relationship to generating more kitchen remodeling leads and thereby giving you a better chance to close a sale, since you are already vetted to some extent in the eyes of your customer. With this in mind, it is a good habit to request a review in person after each completed project and then to follow up with an automated email or text sequence. a review in person after each completed project and then to follow up with an automated email or text sequence.

Generate Interest with Social Media and Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the best way to drive high quality leads to help you expand your business but can also represent a huge waste of time, energy and wasted advertising spend if done without a strategy. In order to get a good return on your social media ad spend investment by targeting the right kitchen remodeling leads, you can utilize Facebooks advanced artificial intelligence features to save you money on ad spend. In addition, these features allow you to show ads to people who are most likely to take action from online advertising.

A remodeling business can leverage Facebook ads to engage a custom audience with relevant content in your service area and help with your lead generation efforts. This is important because although you may be able to grab the low-hanging fruit of proactive searchers on Google, the vast majority of people need a bit of encouragement and advertising before deciding to look for an expensive service such as kitchen or bathroom remodeling. For this reason, advertising on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are where many of your calls and leads should be coming from because it’s much more scalable as your business develops.

Facebook in particular allows a smaller business with a more limited budget to compete for leads with major corporations. That is because through all the personal data Facebook captures, makes it easy to set up Facebook business ads to laser target who your message will reach and how frequently.

One way to garner the attention of potential clients is through sharing content such as blogs or video testimonials and then boosting those posts to people who are not following your page, but fall into the criteria of your target market.

How to create your custom audience

Have you watched the Social Experiment? It’s kind of scary how much data is available but also extremely powerful when you know how to use it. This data has been collected for years. With the right pay per click strategy, you can use it to your advantage to grow your business.

Facebook and Instagram combined are the most popular social media platform in the world. They offer local service businesses the unique opportunity to find their own unique audience from a large selection of potential customers. Through Facebook’s laser targeting of an audience and its dat collection, a business can target people not only based on where someone works or lives, but also on their interests and even online behaviors, including what type of services they purchase on the internet. With this in mind, it is important that your Facebook pixel is properly set up so that you can create custom audiences including retargeting groups.

Use of Retargeting ads to generate kitchen remodeling leads

Just as Facebook’s custom audiences allows you to track and target leads based on their online behavior, no behavior is more important to target then someone who has already visited your website and did not fill out a request for a a free quote or take some other action that you deem a desired conversion.

Did you know that most home improvement businesses get a significant portion of their leads from retargeting people who have already visited their remodeling contractor website, but not requested a complimentary consultation? Facebook and Google both allow you to remarket your message to consumers a second time after they have shown interest in your initial offering by visiting your website, watching a video you created or engaging with your brand in some other way. This is the secrete weapon to generate valuable home improvement leads. The best part is that these leads are already warmed up and much more likely to convert then a cold lead.

Even if you don’t have a website, you can use Instagram and YouTube to show videos of your customers providing a testimonial for your service. If someone watches 30 seconds or 50% of your video, you can then retarget those video views, with a more sales-based ad, that is likely to get someone to fill out a form and provide their information or request a consultation or free estimate.


Reach Active Searchers with Google Ads

The main reason that most companies fail to generate a solid home improvement leads and a good return on investment from their paid ads, such as Google Ads and YouTube Ads is that they do so without a sound strategy in mind.   There are a number of common mistakes that home improvement companies make when setting up their Adword campaign as seen the the video below.  It is best to avoid these errors on the top Google ad mistakes, and instead consult with or at the very least put some deep thought into your strategy to generate leads through A/B testing, and bid optimization.

If you follow these strategies, you too can increase the quality of your kitchen remodeling leads.  If it sounds a bit overwhelming or just want to bounce a few ideas off an agency with years of experience, request  a free marketing strategy consultation.

We can help you create audiences and retarget those who are interested in home remodeling services with conversion based ads to generate interest, get found on Google Near me searches, and increase your sales! If all of this sounds intimidating or too time consuming then let our team of experts partner with you to create an SEO or digital marketing plan that drives more traffic to your home remodeling website as well as generates higher ROI from every dollar spent. Which one of these have you tried?

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