If you’re an experienced home remodeling professional, then this is the podcast for YOU! Join our weekly discussion as we focus on digital marketing and branding strategies that work. You’ll learn how other professionals have grown their business by utilizing local search and social media strategies or driving more traffic to business with Google ads and other lead nurturing techniques in order to free up time that can be invested back into what matters most – doing awesome work without any muss or fuss from anyone else but yourself.

Kitchen Remodeling Podcast Episodes

podcast cover on kitchen remodel price shoppers episode

Ever feel like a kitchen remodel price shoppers are just a dead end? We’ve got something that might just change your mind. In our latest podcast episode, “Price Shoppers a Lost Cause? Think Again! Unlock the Secret NOW!”, we’re chatting with business expert Dominic Rubino.

He’s sharing some real gems like:

  • Why a quotable lead is actually a good lead (surprised? So were we!)
  • How to turn that dreaded “How much is it?” into a real opportunity
  • Tips and tricks to see price shoppers in a whole new light

This isn’t just talk; it’s a game-changer for your business. So if you’re ready to stop scratching your head over price shoppers and start seeing the potential, hit play on this episode. Trust us; you won’t look at leads the same way again.

Catch you there! 🎙️💥

podcast cover image about hiring a virtual assistant

Hey Kitchen Remodeling Business Owners! Want to take your business to the next level? Don’t miss the latest episode of “Crushing it with Kitchen Remodeling” where host Mike Goldstein and industry pro Jonathan Bannister spill the beans on hiring a virtual assistant. We’re not just talking about someone to manage your emails; we’re talking about a game-changer that can turbocharge your business operations.

👉 Why You Need a VA:

  • Reclaim Your Time: Say goodbye to endless emails and paperwork.
  • Do What You Excel At: Focus on designing dream kitchens, not admin chores.
  • Grow Like Never Before: With routine tasks handled, you can strategize for business expansion.

If you’ve ever been on the fence about hiring a virtual assistant, now’s the time to act. Tune in for killer insights and actionable tips.

🔥 Click Here to Unlock the Secrets of Finding and Hiring the Perfect VA! 🔥

Podcast cover image about a opening up a new cabinet showroom

In this cool episode of Crushing it with Kitchen Remodeling, our host Mike chats with Shawn from Finecraft Custom Cabinetry. They talk about how Finecraft nailed opening a new cabinet showroom in Tampa, Florida. Shawn shares some gems about the importance of knowing your market, having a strong team, and leveraging your existing reputation. He emphasizes doing your homework before making the big move. It’s a must-listen if you’re thinking about expanding your business to a new location!

podcast cover image about leveraging ai for home service businesses

Jonathan Mass provides valuable insights into how businesses can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve real-world problems and streamline their operations. Jonathan elaborates on the transformative power of AI in various business processes, from creating content to improving sales processes. For instance, he discusses how AI was used to write a training manual for a non-profit organization, drastically reducing the time and cost involved in the process. Another example he highlights is the use of AI in managing customer relations, where it can provide immediate responses to customer inquiries, enhancing customer service and increasing the chances of sales conversions. 

podcast interview cover image about reputation management

On our latest episode of “Crushing it with Kitchen Remodeling Contractors”, we sat down with reputation management whiz, Casey Richardson. He shared valuable tips on leveraging your online presence to boost conversions. From handling negative feedback to encouraging more positive reviews, Richardson offered insights on making the most of your online persona. He also touched on the benefits of video reviews and how to navigate review filters on popular platforms. His advice is a gold mine for any business looking to turn their online reputation into a powerful customer magnet.

podcast cover about implementing EOS with Lyn Askin

Explore powerful EOS implementation strategies to boost efficiency and profits in your kitchen remodeling venture. Lyn Askin imparts priceless insights on employing EOS techniques to fine-tune operations, develop a high-caliber team, and create an atmosphere of accountability and ongoing improvement. Master the use of data and analytics for insightful decision-making, driving your business to thrive. 

Josh Wheeler interviewed by Mike Goldstein

Don’t let your Facebook and Instagram ads for kitchen and home remodeling projects go unnoticed! Josh Wheeler dives deep into the power of Facebook ad targeting. Discover cutting-edge strategies to optimize your campaigns and reach the right audience primed for conversions. From location-based targeting to engaging recent visitors, gain invaluable insights to elevate your ads’ impact. Refine your messaging, leverage advanced features, and maximize your ROI.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of Facebook ad targeting. 

Podcast guest appearances discussion thumbnail

We explore the powerful connection between being a podcast guest and boosting off-page SEO. Our guest, Matt Heprun, reveals the secrets to leveraging podcast guest appearances for building high-quality backlinks and enhancing your E-E-A-T score. Discover how these strategies can establish your industry authority, increase online visibility, and improve Google rankings. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of guest podcasting for business growth in the home services space.

Lane Houk on Crushing it with Kitchen Remodeling Podcast

Lane Houk from Signal Genesis provides valuable insights and tips on how to utilize press releases to improve your website’s local SEO ranking and map pack presence. From creating an effective press release strategy to optimizing your content for search engine visibility, and learn how to generate signals that can boost your SEO game.

thumbnail of a kitchen remodeling podcast episode about authoring a book

Join Mike Goldstein in this as he interviews Chris Hunter, from Roofersites.com, on how writing a book can help you build authority and generate more leads. Discover how having a published book can instantly establish credibility and build trust with potential clients, and gain valuable tips on leveraging your book to become the go-to kitchen remodeler in your area.

podcast thumbnail with Dominic Rubino on estimating kitchen remodel jobs

Dominic Rubino, Business Coach and host of the Cabinet Maker Profit system provides valuable insights and delve into strategic tips for conducting an estimate on kitchen remodel jobs and optimizing profitability and competitiveness in the home remodeling market, including discussing the importance of asking the right questions, looking at the right data and ensuring your price point conveys your level of expertise to the home owner rather than low-balling an offer to just “get the job”.

business financials podcast with Marc Adams

If you’re running a business, it’s important to keep a close eye on your financials. After all, the bottom line is what ultimately matters. In this episode, we take a deep dive into business financials and ROI measurements. We discuss various ways to find issues with cost of goods sold and proper pricing. If you’re looking to get a better handle on your business finances, this episode is for you!

podcast with Rocky Lalvani

Learn how to better set home remodeling project prices in this podcast episode discussing the revolutionary concept of profit first budgeting and pricing. We look at conversion factors, average sale and average transactions and then how that all relates at the end of the day to profit and ultimately to cash flow to make wiser business decisions.

podcast cover about scaling a home improvement business

If you run a small home improvement business, this episode is the one you need to listen to.  Ben Juncker tells the story about how he and his partner took a small home improvement company and transformed it into the most well known remodleing company in MN.

architectural remodeling podcast cover image

Katharine Macphail, the eco-friendly kitchen renovation specialist from Talking Kitchen Renovations with House Maven will be on this podcast sharing her top tips to marketing your sustainability services and engaging in conversation about how you can help people create green kitchens.

Dom Rubino on the podcast

Dominic Rubino from the Cabinet Maker Profit System Podcast joins Mike Goldstein to discuss how proper staffing and establishing business processes and systems are critical components to a profitable cabinet builder’s business.

Andy Pace Interview about kitchen remodeling on a podcast

Andrew Pace, from the Green Design Center, discusses how home remodelers can leverage healthy kitchen design and sustainable remodeling practices to increase profitability and open up more work in this emerging market.

podcast cover about how leadership can improve sales

Management consultant Andre Boykins, who is a frequent speaker at NKBA events explains how leadership techniques can improve sales of kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, as well as how to turn great customer service into customer advacates.

home renovations podcast

Colin Shaw from the podcast Behind the Studs is interviewed about how he grew his remodeling company to be one of the very best in all of New England through professionalism in his kitchen remodeling business.

Chef Andrew Forlines interviewed about incorporating modern kitchen appliances with home remodeling projects

Hear from  Chef Andrew Forlines about how luxury appliance Dealers can work with kitchen designers and remodelers to create the best possible kitchen renovation outcome with the use of modern appliances like steam ovens and high-end devices.

choosing your GMB Categories

Choosing the right Google My Business category can be a difficult task for any business, but it’s essential that you get them right. Would you rather rank at the top of “Kitchen remodeling” or “Home repair”? It might seem like an easy decision and in some cases it is, but what if your customers are looking for more than one service? This is where choosing the right GMB category comes into play.

podcast cover on cabinet refacing sales techniques

In this podcast episode, Dave Allen from I&E Cabinets explains how to sell this in a more profitable way for a kitchen remodeling business Cabinet refacing has become more popular among home renovators because it provides an affordable alternative for homeowners who don’t want to replace their cabinets or invest in new ones.

know your numbers to sell luxury kitchen designs

John Ward from All in One Design Build talks about why it’s so important in any kitchen remodel pricing and contractor marketing campaign to know your numbers for success.  Listen to the complete interview here on the Crushing it with kitchen remodel podcast.

podcast interview about senior needs for kitchen remodels

In this podcast, Heidi Hunyh discusses with Mike Goldstein the needs of disababled and older Americans in their kitchens, as well as how a remodeling contractor can avail themselves to this untapped market.

Google Call Only Ads

Josh Wheeler and Mike Goldstein discuss how targeting people on their cell phone with Google call ads is becoming a real game changer in terms of increasing conversions and setting up design consultations.

John Ward talks about how to sell luxury kitchen remodels

John Ward from All in One Kitchen & Bath in Howell, MI is interviewed about his sales and marketing process of selling luxury kitchen remodel projects.  John talks about how he is able to upsell prospects from cabinet refacing to full blown luxury kitchen renovations in this kitchen remodeling podcast episode.

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Kitchen remodel marketing checklist

Kitchen Design Company Owner Talks About Working With Mike Goldstein

Listen to what Mark from Kitchen Design Solutions in Georgia and South Carolina had to say about working with Kitchen Remodeling SEO and the quality of leads he started to see.

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