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Kitchen remodel marketing is an industry partner of the National Kitchen + Bath Association.  We work exclusively with kitchen design and home remodeling contractors and designers to help those business owners market their services in their local service area. We ensure you have a solid digital marketing plan with a heavy emphisis on search engines and social media platforms. What makes us truly unique, as opposed to a general web designer or social media marketing company that offers piece meal services is that we offer a comprehensive package that generates website visitors through increasing the online presence and GMB listing of a kitchen remodeling businesses.

Our online service offerings are structured in a way that generates a tangible measurable return on investment in the form of increased bathroom installation and kitchen remodleing leads.  We make sure that you can see your sales increase due to our online efforts month in and month out.

We start every project by either creating a website built to convert leads, or by optimizing and enhancing our client’s exisitng web design with crisp photos,  unique well written content and strong conversion elemetns to market to local audience. We increase our client’s online presence by using various social media platforms, in particular, by running high quality ads on Facebook and Instagram driving potential clients to the desired landing page on the company site. We make sure your marketing plan addresses your Google my Business (“GMB”) listing and organic search engine optimization to capture all of the “near me” inquires on search engines.

In order to get quick wins right out of the gate, we encourage a cost effective Facebook ad campaign through creation of short videos to grab your users attention and then retarget based on those who have shown an interest in your content, thereby warming up your audience to be more receptive to downloading your planning guide and scheduling a design consultation.  In more competitive markets we also encourage running Google ads and YouTube ads with strategic pay per click  campaign to target your local service area’s home owners who are actively searching for kitchen and bath remodleing services.  The goal is to either be in the local 3 pack or to have a link above the map results.

We also understand that the best way to generate leads and get new clients is from leveraging your existing ones. For this reason, we help our kitchen remodeling contractor customers get more 5-star reviews and video reviews to establish online credibility and trust with local homeowners who are are looking on search engines for a reliable kitchen remodeling business.  We live by the motto, “people do business with those that they know and trust” and with this in mind, we build our client’s online persona and reputation.

Remodeling jobs are big, and good kitchen remodeling leads are hard to come by. That’s where we shine. We’ll leverage search results to land an additional 5 – 10 high quality local kitchen remodeling projects each month that your competitors have been getting. You’ll immediately see a return on your money and a step-up to the next level that was not possible before partnering with Kitchen Remodeling SEO.


A word from our founder

We are an industry partner member of:

National Kitchen + Bath Association | NKBA

The Kitchen Remodel Contractor Marketing Method:

Our method to help your business maximize the flow of leads, calls, and profitability in your remodeling Business

1. Start with the foundation – Build a strong local website that ranks and converts leads into customers.

2. Optimize the GMB listing through local SEO best practices.

3. Leverage Facebook Ads, YouTube & Google Ads to get leads right away and to retarget non-converted prospects and potential customers.

4. Implement a proper review generating system managed by our marketing company.

5. Use social channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to create content and get high impressions, engagement and become omnipresent in all your online marketing efforts.

6. Implement tracking software to keep track of your reviews, leads and ROI.

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