How Kitchen Remodeling SEO Works

Consultative Process

We start our process with a quick phone call or video meeting to explain Kitchen Remodeling SEO and we’ll get to know you and your home renovation business. We’ll get an idea of the types of services you offer, your local service area, and what sales software or lead generation programs you are using and what features and functionality you might need for your website. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Step #2 – Audit and Competition Analysis

The second step in our process is an examination of your current website, online reputation, and other factors that determine where you show up on Google. We’ll present you with our review of your content, images and video. We will also complete an SEO audit on your site to determine where you are currently listed and what corrective action may be necessary to increase your rank. Additionally, we’ll look at other construction and home renovation companies near you and analyze the digital marketing strategies they are using to better help us understand what will be required to overcome them. We’ll record an approximate 15-minute video highlighting the key points of the audit so you can better understand our plan. We will provide you with a few options for our services and cover what services each include.


Step #3 – Proposal Approval

After reviewing the website and SEO audit and proposal, if you decide that you would like to work with us as your marketing provider, you will simply select the services you desire, agree to terms and conditions, and make your first month’s payment. All our services are on a month to month basis as we prefer to earn your business instead of holding you hostage with a contract.


Step #4 – Design & Program Website

A contractor’s website is the central component of all your home improvement marketing efforts and assists with conversion from offline advertising. Due to this, we want to ensure your website will perform and covert right from the start. Whether you have a nice professionally designed website, or something you did on Wix or some other free template, or no website at all, we are going to analyze what you have and make improvements that optimize your website for converting visitors in to customers.


The key is to turn your website into a kitchen remodeling lead generation machine.

Your website only needs to do 2 things. The first is to attract homeowners who want to upgrade their kitchen or bathroom and get them to call you and submit their information. The second thing is to show prospective customers why you’re a better choice than any other competitor in your service area.


Many home renovation contractors mistakenly believe that new websites with lots of cool graphics will get the most remodeling customers. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that as of 2020, 80% of homeowners looking to have work done in their home will check out a contractor’s online reviews and read what is written on website before choosing who to hire. So, having the right content and obtaining the right reviews are what counts. We can and will make your website turn more visitors into more paying clients. We work extensively to test, tweak and optimize our client’s websites and landing pages so they rank first on Google, display well on mobile and desktops, and perform at the highest levels, bringing the type of clients a kitchen remodeling contractor desires.


Step #5 – Build Out The Pages Of Your Website

The standard home renovation contractor website we see from potential clients is seriously lacking in the content department.  Generally, these sites only have a few pages of content. Most are only between 5 and 10 pages including the home page, about us, our services, contact us and maybe a service area page. Google needs to index more content  to outpace your competition and to be visible on a wide range of search queries.

We take a different approach, we build out a separate page for each of your remodeling and renovation services, such as installing counters, building custom cabinets, replacing bathroom fixtures and other such services.  We also design and create and a page for each of your local service areas so that when someone searches with a  town name in your area, you will appear on the Google maps and in the organic results.  We also include a blog for ongoing content creation. Our typical home renovation website is between 20 and 30 pages not counting any blog content.


Step #6 – Content Creation


We have professional writers on staff, so that you don’t need to come up with new content on your own, we write the content. We use the information you provided us in our discovery meetings as well as in kick-off call about the services you offer, your geographic  areas, guarantee, and service details to write the content for your website. Because we only work with kitchen and bath remodeling contractors, we know your business well and have proven on-page content formats that not only facilitate a great user experience but are also trusted by Google and Bing.


Having a website with great content and videos is useless unless your prospective customers are reading it! When someone goes to Google and searches for “kitchen remodeling contractor” or “granite counter installers” or “complete kitchen renovation contractors” or “custom kitchen cabinets”, you want your website and business name to show at the top of the search results. We optimize your web presence, so you show up everywhere your prospective clients are looking in your service area.


Step #7 – Reputation Monitoring System


One of the key things you can do to create trust with potential clients is have a good Google and Facebook review profile. We setup a review management platform that allows either you to monitor reviews, embed them on your website so you have a constant feed of new reviews authenticated by Google

Regular Monthly Services

Once we have set the contractor’s digital marketing program into motion, and the new website is launched, the SEO activities and initial paid ads have been posted and we start analyzing the results, we commence our reoccurring monthly activities including:

  • Citation Development – We proactively claim your local directory listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, City Search, Angie’s List, Yelp and many other niche and local directories on the Internet. We enhance your listings on these directories by uploading photos, videos, hours of operation, etc. and optimizing them for top placement.
  • Monitoring Citation directories – Having inaccurate business data online can harm your placement on Google and Apple Maps.
  • Link Building – We will execute a hands-on strategy to acquire links to your site from other relevant sites by writing and distributing well-drafted content (articles, blog posts, tips, etc.) on your behalf to other sites linking back to yours. We will research who is linking to your competitors to find more linking opportunities. This is one of the most crucial and technical activities affecting search engine placement.
  • Publish Content Regularly – We consistently create content for your company blog to improve search rankings and provide geographical relevant content for your website visitors. We also create content to be used in the link acquisition process.
  • Review Request System – Each month we work with you in reaching out to your most recent clients to request reviews and monitor review sites to protect and improve your online reputation.
  • Social Media Marketing – Our kitchen remodel marketing program includes Facebook posting and ad management.
  • Pay Per Click Management – Our home renovation marketing program also includes pay per click management which includes ad creation, monitoring, improvements, and retargeting services each month the Google Network and Facebook.



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