As a small business owner, sometimes it’s hard to know what the right marketing plan is. Many home improvement companies rely on Google AdWords including call ads and display network ads, Facebook and Instagram Ad among others for lead-generation, but other tactics work great and can even be done with less of a budget and result in a high ROI.

Digital Marketing Mistake #1: Not knowing your audience and where to find them

Digital marketing is all about understanding the customer, especially because we know that most people who want to research home improvement services are online. However, knowing that they are online is not enough to design an effective digital marketing campaign. There are critical questions you need to ask first.

  • Where are these perspective customers?
  • What websites are they searching for information on home improvement services?
  • What type of devices are they using to search for kitchen remodeling or custom cabinets?
  • How do they want to communicate?
  • When do they want to communicate with your company?

The statistics and the data tell a very clear story and answer these questions.  When someone is searching for kitchen or bath remodeling services, they have questions, and they want answers right away. They typically do not want to search through landing pages, FAQ sections and fill out forms. They want a real human being to talk to.  The data also tells us that 70% of homeowners are searching Google on their cell phones. This information tells us as marketers, that we should be targeting people on their phone, and be ready to engage with them as soon as they see a kitchen remodeling advertisement.

With this information in hand, there are really 2 great ways to capture this market.  The first one is with your Google My Business listing. The reason for that is you can set a CTA button to call right from a “near me” search, so that the searcher does not need to go to your website, fill out a form, or search for the best phone number to call. Rather, if they are on their cell phone, there will be a button that read, “Call Now.”  Once they click that button, they will be connected to your phone number.

In addition to the “Call Now” feature, they can also request directions to your home remodeling showroom. Again, many people are searching on their cell phones, which have a GPS built in and tied to Google Maps. Often someone may be in their car, and they want to see real product right then and there. For this reason, your GMB profile and Google map optimization is critical. The best part of this type of marketing is that if you know what you are doing, you don’t need to spend a dime on GMB optimization, you can do it yourself.  Even if you are not a Local SEO wiz, there are many digital marketing agencies that work exclusively with kitchen remodelers.

How Google Call-Only Ads Work

The second way to target people searching for home improvement services is through Google ads, and specifically those that either have the Google ad call extension enabled, or have a specific campaign set up to use Google Ads Call only feature. Typically, a user will click on a PPC ad and see the business website. Call-only Google ads are similar but will redirect those who click on the link to calling you from their mobile devices instead of viewing your website.

A recent Google study revealed that nearly 50% of smartphone users in the U.S. use their devices for online purchases (not just looking but buying). If you’re looking to attract more customers, build credibility with prospects, and build trust among existing customers, than targeting your audience while on their cell phone is the ticket.

Google ad copy makes it easy to connect with customers by providing a Google “call only” feature that encourages users to call the service provider. Analytics confirm that about 80% of online searches take place on mobile devices, making this type of advertising especially effective in targeting potential clients who might use their phone instead than accessing websites or reading reviews before contacting businesses directly via email. Call Only Ads have prominent features like business phones number and name prominently displayed for those looking up assistance from afar because they know how important convenience is when trying something new. When a user taps on the advertisement from their mobile device, it generates a phone call to your business instead of loading your website. The user does not need to search for contact information; it is already at their fingertips.

Google Call Ads targeting mobile users increases conversion rates

Google Call Ad for kitchen designer Contractors that use call ad campaigns in the kitchen remodeling niche can cut out several of the steps that were historically necessary for leads. These call ad campaigns work because they provide a direct line to potential customers who are ready and waiting, all without leaving their home or office! A contractor could even make some changes on site before contacting them with an instant quote–saving hours every day spent searching through listings.

Google call-only ads help consumers who prefer to:

  • speak with a knowledgeable and friendly person instead of combing through content
  • save time and find out what they need to know without hunting for answers online
  • feel empowered by their buying decision instead of ads that put pressure on quick sales or services that they don’t need

When you want to convince someone of your home improvement service, do they call or email? If so, how persuasive could the company really be if its only accessible through an automated phone system and website with limited information. Call extensions allow mobile device users access for people who may not otherwise have been able contact us easily can now see what services we offer right away.

Increase Your Company’s Leads

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