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Unlike most generalists, we specialize in a specific type of marketing that puts you in front of prospects looking to get their kitchens remodeled or cabinets replaced. We are laser-focused on delivering proven marketing systems that provide you 5-10 x ROI

We deliver all-inclusive digital marketing services for growing kitchen remodeling and cabinetry companies in the US and Canada. You run the business, we’ll handle the kitchen and bath marketing strategy and execution. See how we increased a few home builders’ lead flow with Google Map Optimization, Facebook ads, and Local SEO through our kitchen & bath marketing program.

Increasing Kitchen Remodeling Leads

We provide home remodeling companies with effective marketing solutions through our comprehensive growth program helping you do more than just generate kitchen remodeling leads. As a digital marketing agency and industry partner of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, we have all the resources to market your kitchen remodeling business and help it grow sustainably over the long run.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies & SEO For Home Remodelers

As a business owner in the remodeling industry, you may not have the knowledge, experience, or time to formulate and implement an effective marketing strategy for your contractor business. However, kitchen remodel marketing is critical to lead generation and ensuring a consistent stream of paying customers.

At Kitchen Remodeling SEO, we can take care of all the tactics necessary to market your kitchen or bathroom renovation business.

Kitchen Remodeling Business Website

A functional, user-friendly website is the foundation of all your marketing strategies. Your website should present your services in a way that demonstrates their value to potential customers while calling them to action.

Your website should also feature high-value, relevant content to attract potential leads and set your business apart as the kitchen remodeling authority.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When a potential customer needs a professional to take care of their remodeling project, they will do an online search using search terms such as “kitchen remodeling contractor” and your location. By optimizing your website and other online assets for search engines, you ensure that your site ranks high in the search engine results pages, increasing your online visibility.

Some of the lead generation and local SEO tactics we implement include:

  • Updating your Google My Business Listing
  • Optimizing your web content for relevant keywords
  • Strengthening your presence on social media

The above strategies ensure that you capture “near me” inquiries and searches relating to relevant topics.  You may want to check out our webinar on local SEO.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Through paid ads on Google and Facebook, you can increase traffic to your website or online offers. Combining paid ad campaigns with email marketing effectively builds loyalty and keeps potential customers top of mind.

Leverage Social Proof       

The high-quality customer service you provided in the past built trust, which is a valuable asset you can implement in your marketing strategy. Leveraging customer satisfaction is one of the most effective ways to establish social proof and online credibility. With a review builder, you can display favorable testimonials, star ratings, and reviews from various online platforms on your website.

Tracking Your Marketing Efforts

When marketing your home remodeling business, it is critical to focus on the strategies generating the highest returns. By implementing tracking software, we monitor your leads, reviews, and ROI, streamlining your efforts to achieve the most favorable long-term results.

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A sound and comprehensive marketing strategy is your key to profit generation and long-term business growth. To find out what we can do for you, schedule a free marketing consultation with us. We will examine your website, conduct a competitor analysis, and perform an SEO audit to formulate a proposal of what your business needs to thrive.

To start growing your business and profits, schedule a free digital marketing strategy session with us today.


A word from our founder

Mike talks about how our kitchen & bath marketing program has helped dozens of kitchen remodeling companies expand their business.

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The Kitchen Remodel  Marketing Method:

Our method to help your business maximize the flow of leads, calls, and profitability in your remodeling Business

1. Start with the foundation – Build a strong local website that ranks and converts leads into customers.

2. Optimize the GMB listing through local SEO best practices.

3. Leverage Facebook Ads, YouTube & Google Ads to get leads right away and to retarget non-converted prospects and potential customers.

4. Implement a proper review generating system managed by our marketing company.

5. Use social channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to create content and get high impressions, engagement and become omnipresent in all your online marketing efforts.

6. Implement tracking software to keep track of your reviews, kitchen and home remodeling leads and ROI.

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