Do you need more remodeling leads? Search engine optimization, social media marketing, Google Ads and blogging are the best ways to get your company in front of a new audience. I will walk you through five different strategies that can help generate more business for your home remodeling company. These strategies have been proven to work by other kitchen remodeling companies who are successfully using them in 2021. Learn how to use these 5 digital marketing tactics today!


  1. Google Map Optimization
  2. Create more local area service pages on your website to enhance local SEO
  3. Run hyper targeted Facebook video ads using before and after photos as well as client video testimonials
  4. Google ads with an emphasis on proper negative keywords to get a stronger ROI and not serve your ads to the wrong audience.
  5. Reach remodelers through blogging and social media marketing.

Let’s look at each of these digital marketing strategies for remodeling leads in more detail.


Google Map Optimization

When searching for a contractor or kitchen designer to help, Google maps is one of the first things searchers will check when they are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. According to a recent Insights study, an average Google my Business (GMB) listing on Google maps receives 59 actions each month. Of those actions, 56% result in a click through to the company’s website, 24% are calls to the business, and 20 percent are a request for directions.  There are a number of things you can do to optimize your ranking on Google maps.

First, you need to verify your business listing and make sure it is up-to-date with accurate information. That includes a good description of the company, photos of the remodeling work that you have done and a link to your website. Next, you can encourage people in your local area to add reviews about your remodeling business which will help raise your Google Maps ranking.  Finally, engage potential remodelers on social media. You can start by writing GMB posts and attaching geo-tagged images to those posts, similar to what you might do on Facebook or Instagram. If you get enough positive reviews, views of your posts and engagement from users, it will boost your rankings even higher

Google my Business stats on remodeling leads

Build out more local area service pages on your website to enhance local SEO

Google loves local SEO, and you can tell from the fact that there are more results for remodeling leads if the searcher uses geographical terms or allows Google to know where they are, by adding, “near me”. Home remodeling companies need to develop content that answers the questions of remodelers in a specific city or town.   This requires lots of keyword research and then creating engaging blog content relevant to remodelers in that location.

The first step is to determine which towns you want to target, and then once you do so, create a unique page for each town with its own content, including use of local landmarks, zip codes all the while connecting that to the actual remodeling service you provide. For example, if there is a vocational high school in the town, you may want to discuss how the next generation of cabinet builders are being trained there, and then add a no-follow link to the high school’s website.

Run hyper targeted Facebook video ads using before and after photos as well as client video testimonials

Facebook is particularly effective when it comes to advertising remodeling jobs due to its high return on investment (ROI) for remodeling leads in comparison with other digital marketing strategies.   Over time, Facebook ads will become less expensive since they are optimized based on key performance indicators (KPIs). Video goes viral faster than any other content. A remodeling video showing a before and after remodeled kitchen and can be targeted to only those people who live in your direct service area and own a home and can even further optimize who sees your ad by only targeting those people who have a history of buying local services from online ads or filling out forms to request more information.

Another type of video ad that works very well are client testimonials. These will attract more remodeling leads than any other content you can share with your remodeler audience because it shows actual customers in their remodeled homes talking about how happy they are with your services.  

Appearing even higher on the search engine results page above the Google Maps are paid advertisements. These Google Ads can help remodeling companies drive more remodeling leads in three ways:

First, they help consumers discover remodeling services they didn’t know about prior to seeing your ad. Second, they create brand awareness which encourages remodelers to contact you to schedule a kitchen design consultation. Third, when remodelers contact you to set up a design consultation, they will likely check out your GMB reviews, to see what other customers have said about you. If you have followed the steps above, you become much more credible to the potential customer, and they are more likely to hire you.

There are many common Google Ad mistakes novice and experienced marketers make that you want to avoid, if possible, when setting up your Google Ad campaigns.

It is a best practice to tell Google who your ideal customer is so that your ads are shown to the right people who are looking for your ads. For this reason, you not only want to include the keywords you think someone will use when searching for you, but also which keywords you do not want to appear when searched. This is called negative keyword optimization. Negative keywords will help remodeling companies get a stronger return on remodeling leads investment.

Reach remodelers through blogging and social media marketing.

The best remodeling lead generation method is to increase your visibility with homeowners in local area, as well as, capturing the attention of people that are interested in your services but aren’t sure whether they should hire you or not. This strategy is built around consistent guest authoring posts. These articles can be posted on major remodeling bloggers websites who will gladly feature you as a guest blogger if you write great content from an industry perspective. The editor may even put link back to your website at the end of the article so it’s very easy get noticed.  You then take the URL from the guest blog post and create a social media post on your own profile showing how other experts in the field look to you as the authority in your area, thereby creating a perception that you are in high demand.

Social media is the biggest lead generator for remodelers, so don’t neglect it. it’s as simple as posting remodeling related content and providing links back to your company website. If you would like to learn more about why getting exclusive home remodeling leads  is even more important, check out our prior blog posts.

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